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About Us

Manifesto is an established digital publishing company that produces three highly informative English-language digital magazines. Our mission is to provide invaluable insights and the latest development for the industry from a global perspective.

Our Vision

The internet is more significant than ever and is one of the growing markets in the world, and we aim to develop, inspire, and harmonize world practice in the digital world.

Our Digital Magazines

food (1).png

Food Entrée & Manufacturing is a comprehensive digital publication offering contents on the food and manufacturing industries. Published in English five times annually, the magazine covers a wide range of topics, including food automation, food processing and machinery, packaging and labeling, food ingredients and nutrition, nutraceuticals, snacks, confectioneries, food technology and innovation, beverage, milk and dairy, as well as news and trends in the food industry.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our readers and manufacturing businesses worldwide with the latest insights and information. With over 33,000 readers from the ASEAN region and beyond, our magazine is read by professionals, including managers, marketing executives, R&D professionals, business development managers, and marketing communication specialists.

Published By Manifesto

On Route 25 is a digital magazine published in English by Manifesto Co.,Ltd. We release five issues annually and have a global readership of over 35,000, providing far-reaching insights on global travel and the ASEAN region.

Our readers include entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing communication professionals, senior executives, managers, and service providers in the food, hotel, and accommodation sectors. We cover topics on travel, tourism, hotels, destinations, food, hospitality, dining, restaurants, hotel equipment, retail services, and facilities.

Published By Manifesto

Medical Lab & Manufacturing is produced by Manifesto Co.,Ltd, a digital English magazine with 4 Issues annually. It includes information on medical devices and equipment, healthcare management & facilities, innovation, technology, pharmaceutical & medical packaging machines.  

Cosmetics, skin care, hair care, food supplement & content relating to personal care &  beauty care are also included in this magazine. We also feature trends on pharmaceutical and medical trends from a global perspective. Our magazine has reached more than 34,000 readers from ASEAN and across the globe, read by business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs from pharmaceutical and medical business, innovators, including research development, business development, marketing representatives, and executives.

Published By Manifesto
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