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A Platform for Industry Excellence: ProWine Singapore 2024

Sets New Records, Showcasing Global Excellence in  Wines and Spirits

Photo by Messe Düsseldorf Asia.

Singapore, 2 May 2024 - ProWine Singapore 2024, the region's  leading trade fair for wines and spirits, concluded this year’s edition  with a record-breaking visitorship of 14,907, a significant increase of  approximately 40% compared to the 2022 edition, reaffirming  ProWine Singapore's position as the leading platform for the wine and  spirits industry in the region. 

Diverse and High-Quality Visitors 

Spanning a showfloor of over 1,600 sqm, the four-day event  welcomed a diverse mix of local and international visitors, with around  65% of attendees coming from Singapore and 35% from overseas.  Among the attendees were industry professionals, business owners,  and enthusiasts eager to explore the wide range of offerings  presented by over 200 exhibitors from around the world. ProWine  Singapore 2024 also featured seven national pavilions and country  groups, including first-timers Germany and Ireland, as well as France,  and the largest representation from Spain featuring three Spanish  provinces - Catalonia, Castile and Leon, and Utiel Requena of  Valencia Province - and Singapore. 

Daryl Lim, Director of TWT Beverages and visitor of ProWine  Singapore 2024, highlighted the value of the event for businesses like  his: "I come to ProWine Singapore every edition to find new suppliers  for my wine and spirits business. This year, the variety of exhibitors  exceeded my expectations, and I have already made valuable  connections that will help grow my business." 

National Pavilions, country groups and Exhibitor Diversity Exhibitors at ProWine Singapore 2024 also expressed their  satisfaction with the significant number of diverse, high-quality visitors,  emphasising the valuable networking opportunities with regional  importers, distributors, and trade visitors. Attendees hailed from  various countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia,  and the Philippines, reflecting the event's regional importance. The range of exhibitors and countries on the show floor underscores  Singapore's commitment to fostering diversity in the wine and spirits  industry. Participants came from 27 nations, including Australia,  Armenia, China, Italy, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Sweden, and  Portugal. Renowned brands such as Cantine Sgarzi Luigi, Minelnico  Organic Wines, Obstkeltera van Nahmen organic, Peter Mertes,  Clonakilty Distillery, and Bobal San Juan were showcased,  contributing to ProWine Singapore’s international significance.

Ressa Anggraini, Export Manager at Pt Pulau Rempah Indonesia,  expressed her excitement about participating in ProWine Singapore  for the first time. She stated, "We attended ProWein in Düsseldorf  earlier this year and are thrilled to continue our journey to be exhibiting  at ProWine Singapore 2024. Our product, East Indies, pays homage  to Indonesia's rich history of spice and adventure. Long known as the  'Spice Islands', we source some of the most exotic and flavoursome  botanicals from across Indonesia to make our small batch of  handmade distilled gins in Bali. Our goal is to put Indonesian spirits on  the map, and we felt we achieved this from the excellent feedback we  received at ProWine Singapore. We are actively seeking partners to  expand our brand in the Asia-Pacific region, including Southeast  Asia’s cocktail hub Singapore, and ProWine Singapore has proved to  be a great platform to do just that." 

"We have met many industry professionals from Singapore and the  region,” said Dennis Bejedal, Founder & Master Distiller of Nordbotten  Destilleri AB Sweden. “Singaporeans love the flavours of Sweden and  appreciate the design of our packaging. ProWine Singapore has  provided valuable opportunities to connect with the retail and  hospitality sectors. We look forward to forging new relationships and  partnerships."


New Zones and Programmes 

Beyond unveiling its diverse range of exhibitors, this year also included  the inaugural ProWine Singapore Awards, as well as two new zones  – ProWine Zero, presenting over 25 products of no and low-alcohol  wines and spirits, and 16 exhibitors under the ProSpirits zone, which  featured craft and artisanal spirits. 

Rebecca Forwood, Director of Free Spirit, Singapore’s largest  distributor of no-and-low alcohol wine and spirits, emphasised the  growing demand for alcohol-free drinks: "We have been working in the  alcohol-free sector for four years now, and ProWine Singapore has  been instrumental in helping us reach a wider audience. We have seen  a lot of interest, especially visitors from neighbouring Malaysia,  Indonesia, and the Philippines. We look forward to participating in  ProWine Singapore in the coming years." 

Exploring Industry Trends: Masterclasses 

The event also marked the return of its exceptional masterclass  programme, allowing attendees to participate in a series of  masterclasses led by esteemed Masters of Wine (MW) and industry  experts, covering a wide range of topics. These masterclasses  provided valuable insights into industry trends and innovations.  Participants explored the versatility of Pinot Grigio, a popular white  wine grape, delving into its various styles and characteristics. A  masterclass on Japanese Craft Spirits introduced attendees to the  unique flavours and production methods of Japanese spirits. Another  session focused on Irish Spirits, providing an in-depth exploration of  Ireland's diverse range of spirits and their rich cultural heritage. 

Discussions on the latest trends in the no- and low-alcohol beverage  sector were led by Singapore’s Andrew Pang of Bar Spectre and  Stefanie Goh of Distilled LLP, both offering deep insights into these  rapidly growing industry segments. Another well-attended session was  by industry stalwart Patrick Sng, CEO of One Minor Group, who shared  expert insights and strategies for the wine and spirits trade. According  to Sng, “It was an excellent platform for industry players looking to  gauge market dynamics and exchange ideas, sharing expert insights  into the latest trends in the wine and spirits industry. I was pleased to  contribute insights, both in technical and commercial aspects.” Attendees also had the opportunity to explore strategies for reducing  waste and promoting sustainability in the wine and spirits industry in a  masterclass on Circular Economy and Sustainability.  

For Sacha Venus, Chef and Entrepreneur at Bread(ed) Singapore,  who attended the tasting session on non-alcoholic wines led by  Amanda Thomson, Founder of NoughtyAF – the world’s first premium  non-alcoholic wine portfolio, “It was an invigorating session. As a chef,  food ambassador, and advocate for sustainability, it was a pleasure  for me to taste a variety of alcohol-free wines and champagne. It  inspired a list of potential food pairings, and I look forward to exploring  these opportunities. Each wine offered a different note, flavour, and  texture—a delight to the senses.” 

ProWine Singapore Awards 2024 

Another highlight this year was the inaugural ProWine Singapore  Awards 2024. The awards encompassed three foundational pillars— education and training, experience and engagement, and trade.  Spanning nine distinct categories the Awards honoured innovation,  expertise, and commitment within the global wine and spirits  community. The panel of judges included renowned Singapore drinks  journalist, Nimmi Malhotra, Edward Ching, and Daniel Goh; Jessie  Khoo-Gan, General Manager of Dao by Dorsett AMTD Singapore in  Shenton Way; Ang Shih-Huei, Board member of Sentosa  Development Corporation, and Master of Wines Jonas Tofterup.  

Winners included The Beverage Clique Academy for The Best  Wine & Spirits Education Programme and Howard Chang Tse Hao  for the Best Emerging Wine and Spirits Talent. 67 Pall Mall walked  away with two awards including Best Wine & Spirits Establishment  as well as Best in Glass - Wine & Spirits List. Future-forward  sustainable bar FURA cinched the Best Emerging Wine & Spirits  Establishment title. Meanwhile, ASAP & CO, a halal-Muslim  steakhouse at Telok Ayer, won the Best No-Lo Beverage List. 

Among this year’s winners was Makoto-Ya, a leading importer,  exporter, and wholesaler of Japanese food and beverage products,  who was ranked in the “Top 10 Wine and Spirits Importer” award. "We  are deeply grateful to ProWine Singapore for this prestigious award.  Over the past two years, we have worked tirelessly to establish ourselves in the industry, and this recognition validates our  commitment to excellence. As the leading distributor of Japanese food  & beverages, winning the Top 10 Wine and Spirits Importer Award is  a testament to our capabilities and dedication. ProWine Singapore has  provided us with an exceptional platform to showcase our offerings  and expand our reach. This award is not just an acknowledgement of  our strength but also highlights our ability to bring the essence of  Japan to the rest of the region.", said Stephanie Ng, Head of Marketing  and Business Development Makoto-Ya Singapore.  

In another Awards ceremony which also took place during the  exhibition, ProWine Singapore in collaboration with the drinks  business Asia recognised two drinks companies for their outstanding  work in sustainability and their pioneering eco-conscious ways of doing business. ‘Celebration of Sustainability’ was awarded to  exhibitors Bobal de San Juan from Spain and ClonaKilty Distillery  from Ireland. 

The next edition of ProWine Singapore is scheduled to take place from  21-24 April 2026, at the Singapore Expo. 


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