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Acquisition of Sauces Et Créations (France)

We are glad to announce that Solina has acquired the French companies Sauces et Créations and Atelier D2i.

Sauces et Créations and Atelier D2i are companies based in northern France, at Cambrai et Laon respectively. The two companies specialise in the production of savoury and sweet made-to-measure sauces (cheese sauce, salad dressings, marinades, vinaigrettes, mayonnaise, Asian sauces, fruit preparations, caramel, etc.). These rapidly growing companies are considered true culinary experts. They have distinguished themselves by investing substantially in cooking and packaging capacities, enabling them to provide a wide variety of products and lending them a unique flexibility on the market (3 g to 1 ton) depending on the needs of each of their clients.

The two companies have a turnover of around € 28 million in 2021 and employ 110 people.

The success of Sauces et Créations and of Atelier D2i is also due to their capacity to work with the rapidly growing new players on the restaurant scene, such as salad and ready-meal producers, ‘virtual restaurants’, numerous actors in the fast food sector or the providers of ‘meals in a box’. Both companies are known by their clients for their quick responsiveness and their capacity to find solutions for their problems. Lastly, the very high quality and certification standards (IFS, BRC, BIO) of both companies make them excellent choices as partners to food sector professionals.

For Solina, the acquisition of Sauces et Créations and of Atelier D2i represents a new stage in its development strategy after having acquired Asenzya (USA) and Food Compound (Netherlands) in the last quarter of 2021.

Daniel Dessaint, founder of Sauces et Créations, added: “We decided to affiliate our companies with Solina in order to take them to the next level. We are convinced that Solina is the ideal partner to continue to grow Sauces et Créations and Atelier D2i, especially in Europe. We have shared values and work with similar clients and suppliers”.

Anthony Francheterre, CEO of Solina Group, also remarks: “With the acquisition of Sauces et Créations and of Atelier D2i, we are reinforcing our made-to-measure sauces segment for the restaurant industry and the agrifood industry. Moreover, our companies share the same culture, putting the client at the centre of our business model in order to provide them with solutions that are ever more appropriate to their needs. And this gives us the opportunity to suggest new products to our respective clients”.


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