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AIP to run 2x packaging workshops at ProPak Asia 2023

The AIP, in partnership with Informa Markets, will be hosting not one, but two workshops on the 16th of June at ProPak Asia 2023. The two interactive workshops will cover The future of Fibre & Renewable Materials and The Future of Flexible Packaging.

All of industry is invited to attend for free and the workshops will be conducted in English.

#1: The Future of Fibre & Renewable Materials Workshop

The AIP, in partnership with Informa Markets, will be hosting a two hour interactive workshop on the Future of Fibre & Renewable Materials on the 16th of June, 10.00 am at ProPak Asia 2023.

The impact of plastic on the environment has become a pressing global issue, and the packaging industry has been slow in addressing community concerns. This growing concern has seen companies and retailers reacting, perhaps overreacting to consumers' attitudes and rapidly seeking to replace plastic packaging with paper/fibre-based alternatives.

Paper-based packaging is typically thought to be a sustainable alternative to plastic since it is understood to be recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. But does paper-based packaging particularly for food foods outperform plastic in terms of protection, functionality, cost-effectiveness, durability, and even from a sustainability perspective?

During this workshop we will explore the pros and cons of fibre or paper alternatives and what to consider in reviewing packaging options.

Topics to be discussed will include:

  • Design factors for packaging selection

  • Understanding properties of paper, paperboard and fibre packaging.

  • Recyclability issues

  • Composability & PFAS

  • Innovations in paper and fibre packaging

  • Fibre based labels and new innovations in adhesives and labels

  • Best Practice Examples of award-winning packaging designs in fibre and renewable materials

  • UPM Raflatac in-brief and commitment toward the sustainability (i.e. 100% certified papers by 2030)

  • UPM’s innovation and sustainable product portfolios

    • RAFNXT+ : The world’s first label material verified by the Carbon Trust and Carbon Neutral

    • Forest film : Replacing virgin fossil-based film material with renewable wood-based one is now possible

  • Award-winning packaging design with Forest film.

Speakers will include: Sudarat Jerachaimongkol (Koi), Business Development Manager, SEA, UPM Raflatac and Ralph Moyle FAIP, CPP, Education Coordinator, Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP)

#2: The Future of Plastic Packaging Design – Soft & Rigid Workshop

The AIP, in partnership with Informa Markets, will be running a two hour workshop on The Future of Plastic Packaging Design – Soft & Rigid Workshop on the 16th of June, 1.00 pm at ProPak Asia 2023.

With global and regional regulations, extended producer responsibility programs, taxes and levies, plastics pacts being introduced across the world now is the time for packaging designers, engineers and technologists to rethink the way they design their plastics packaging. Packaging needs to meet the 2025 Plastics & Waste Targets, the global and regional Waste Directives and be re-designing to ensure that it is lightweight, incorporate recycled content wherever possible, have a lower environmental footprint and improve the lifecycle of the plastics to ensure recyclability and support of circular design. Improved design at the start will ensure that we keep quality feedstock out of landfill and dump sites, minimise litter and improve the circular economy.

The current State of the Industry

• Packaging Regulations Globally & Locally

• Plastics Waste Directives

• Extended Producer Responsibility Programs

• Container Deposit Schemes

• Closed Loop Collection Programs

Marketing brands

• How do we balance operational efficiency and brand owner/marketing needs

• Glossy and bright marketable or plain and simple sustainable

Design guidance, pack design whole of life, product protection

• Fit for Purpose and functional packaging vs sustainable and recyclable packaging. How do we get the balance right? What are the tradeoffs?

• Packaging Waste vs Food Waste: A balanced discussion. What happens if there are unintended consequences?

• Latest developments Flexibles/Rigids, especially how they can meet the regulation changes, while offering a great packaging experience

• How to incorporate Recycled Content into products

• How to lightweight

• How to ensure that your packaging is recyclable

• Award Winning PIDA and WorldStar Best Practice Examples

Circularity/End of life

• End of life options - the pros and cons

• Why is circularity so important to plastics

• How do we close the loop of circular plastics, what's missing

Technologies shaping the future of the plastics industry

• New plastics materials

• Food Grade Recycled Content advancements

• What is Advanced & Chemical recycling and what is the value.

• Digital printing

• Designing for recovery and recyclability

  • Award Winning PIDA and WorldStar Best Practice Examples


• Engaging stakeholders, providing more transparency is a global social trend

• What does the plastics industry need to do to stay relevant, be empowered and embraced in society

• Maturity around sustainability claims and real environmental impacts

Technical Experts will include: Alan Adams MAIP, Sustainability Director APAC, SEE, Darell Chung MAIP, CPP, Sustainable Packaging Manager - South Asia, Downstream, Milliken Asia and Warwick Armstrong MAIP, General Manager Business Development & Marketing,

Plantic Technologies.

To book to attend one, or both of the workshops

All attendees will attain 2 CPD points towards the global Certificated Packaging Professional Designation.

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