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Ayana Bio Launches Plant Cell Advantage™ Portfolio With Three New Health and Wellness Ingredients

Ayana Bio will debut Plant Cell Advantage™ Dog Rose, Hedge Nettle, and Sage ingredients to deliver the health benefits of high-quality plant bioactives

Photo: Ayana Bio

Ayana Bio, the plant cell technology company making sustainable bioactives for consumer products, today announced the launch of its Plant Cell Advantage™ (PCA™) ingredient portfolio, including Dog Rose PCA™, Hedge Nettle PCA™, and Sage PCA™ as the latest additions in its offering of plant cell-cultivated health and wellness ingredients.

The new Plant Cell Advantage™ ingredients are non-GMO plant powders with standardized hallmark bioactive compositions and can directly replace dog rose, hedge nettle and sage in dietary supplements and food products. Dog Rose PCA™ delivers joint health and immune support, Hedge Nettle PCA™ provides healthy inflammatory response and antioxidants, and Sage PCA™ offers healthy inflammatory response and cognitive support. The Plant Cell Advantage™ ingredient portfolio also includes Echinacea-p PCA™ for immune benefits and Lemon Balm PCA™ for sleep and mood support, launched in April 2023.

Ayana Bio’s Plant Cell Advantage™ ingredients are developed using plant cell cultivation – a means to create plant materials without growing plants in the ground. By growing real plant cells in stainless steel tanks, this process delivers the health benefits of plant bioactives without the quality issues that come from the constraints of conventional agriculture, including climate change. Ayana Bio’s plant cell cultivation technology produces the full spectrum of bioactives found in nature – or with an even higher potency of beneficial bioactives. Plant Cell Advantage™ ingredients are DNA-fingerprint certified and 100% clean label, with standardized phytocomplex, increased bioavailability, full traceability and a neutral taste and color.

“The health and wellness benefits of medicinal plants rarely come from a single bioactive,” says Frank Jaksch, CEO of Ayana Bio. “Our Plant Cell Advantage™ portfolio maintains the full spectrum of bioactive compounds found in nature that work together in harmony to deliver the most powerful health benefits possible. With our newest Dog Rose PCA™, Hedge Nettle PCA™, Sage PCA™, companies can incorporate high-quality, sustainable ingredients that improve people’s quality of life.”

Ayana Bio’s new portfolio will be debuted at the SupplySide West conference this week. At SupplySide West, Weslee Glenn Ph.D., head of innovation, will be speaking on the topic “Designing cellular technology to produce plant bioactives” on October 24 to introduce more people to the power of plant cell cultivation. If you are interested in being one of the first companies to formulate your products with Plant Cell Advantage™ ingredients, contact Ayana Bio at

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