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Back in Feb 2023: Hong Kong’s largest vegetarian & green living exhibition unprecedentedly doubles

Back in Feb 2023: Hong Kong’s largest vegetarian & green living exhibition unprecedentedly doubles size to occupy Hall 3FG of HKCEC

New themed pavilion and more activities to surprise the public

The Hong Kong’s largest vegetarian and green living exhibition of Vegetarian Food Asia (VFA) comes to its 9th edition. The expo unprecedentedly doubles the scale to occupy the whole Hall 3FG at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from 17-19 (Fri to Sun) February 2023. This year, it accommodates more than 300 exhibitors to showcase over 5,000 vegetarian, vegan, natural, and green products to the public and the industry. Numerous seminars and workshops guarantee a fruitful weekend for every visitor.

Echoing to the market needs, the brand new “Veg Up Your Life” pavilion is born

Enjoying a coffee, posting feeds, and downshifting are ways how hongkongers escape from the fast-paced life. The brand new “Veg Up Your Life” pavilion perfectly response to the public needs of chasing a delicate and quality living style, which is also appliable to all vegetarians.

  • 1. Leisure Beverage

An excellent drink is more than quenching the thirst. More importantly, it serves refreshment and health benefits to energize your body. VFA has sourced series of vegan coffee, herbal tea, juice and vegan wine to provide visitors with various choices.

2. Bakery and Pastries

Desserts and pastries are the best snacks for relaxation. If they are vegetarian, there will be less concerns to enjoy them. Therefore, VFA has created the bakery and pastries area to showcase different products and ingredients, so that dessert lovers can enjoy a “Veg Life” here.

  • 3. Green Living Style

Green Living Style is another key element in VFA to all health and green life chasers. Eco and green products are all here for you to explore.

Loads of Popular On-site Activities; Veg Kitchen is Back

Two years apart, Veg Kitchen is overwhelmingly back this year. Professional and horned chefs with popular brands are invited to demonstrate vegetarian menus to bring more new ideas of cooking to the public. In addition, visitors can learn vegetarian and green living knowledge by joining various workshops and seminars.

Hong Kong Quality Veggie Awards

Hong Kong Quality Veggie Awards – presented by VFA — aims to recognize quality and outstanding vegetarian and green products and shops in the industry. The awardees will be well presented to the public and the market to let them have an in-depth understanding to the products or services. The two categories: Expert’s Choice Award and Public’s Choice Awards encourage both the public and industry experts to select their favorite products.

Online Registration for Free Entry

Trade buyers can enjoy a free admission through online pre-registration. (The admission fee is HKD25 for onsite tickets.)

Registration for VFA Tickets:

Opening Hours and Admission︰

17-18.2.2023 (Fri – Sat) 11am-8pm

19.2.2023 (Sun) 11am -7pm

About Vegetarian Food Asia

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