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Cellavent harnesses the power of fermentation to unlock potential of turmeric

Cellavent has entered the fermented botanical space with a powerful new organic turmeric that offers a wide range of health benefits and organoleptic properties.

fermentlife® Turmeric provides all the health benefits of turmeric, such as the antioxidant properties of curcuminoids. However, thanks to Cellavent’s new controlled fermentation process, it also boasts a full matrix of other bioactive ingredients, including postbiotics and paraprobiotics.

The result is a new kind of turmeric, with a range of benefits for gut health and superior bioavailability, as well as improved taste, smell and solubility. Available globally, it is certified organic in the EU* and has applications in both nutraceuticals and food.

fermentlife® Turmeric is created with three certified Lactobacillus strains, which produce numerous metabolites during the fermentation process. It complements turmeric’s mechanism of action with postbiotics and paraprobiotics (probiotics that confer a benefit despite being inactivated), positively impacting on gut health and general wellness, as well as improving bioactivity. It also contains a range of other bioactive ingredients, including essential oils, saponins and peptides.

The launch marks Cellavent’s first venture into the fermented botanical sector. The company’s new fermentlife® business unit will combine traditional fermentation methods with advanced technology. In order to create the new range, Cellavent developed a large-scale, highly controlled fermentation process, with the potential to be reproduced for custom developments for the company’s customers.

Marcus Haag, CEO of Cellavent, said: “When we set out to create fermentlife®, our goal wasn’t just to increase bioavailability or curcuminoid content, but to offer the full spectrum of turmeric’s unique bioactive profile. We knew that fermentation was the key to unlocking that potential, but we also knew that getting the process right was crucial. Over the course of two years, we’ve developed a highly controlled fermentation system. This is just the beginning, because we now have technology in place that will allow us to create new and unique fermented products for a healthier world. And because our capabilities are reproducible and scalable, our customers will have opportunities to do the same.”

fermentlife® ​ is ideal for a range of nutraceutical applications, including powders, capsules and liquids. It can also enhance the taste, texture and smell of a range of everyday foods, including baked goods, spices, snack and pet food, and is available as a paste which is ideally suited for healthy spreads, dips and food service applications.

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