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Cosmoprof Asia and BEAUTYSTREAMS Unveil 5 Emerging Trends From 2022 CosmoTrends Report

[21 December 2022, Hong Kong] - Cosmoprof Asia is pleased to present the CosmoTrends Report in 2022, a collaboration with renowned global beauty trend source BEAUTYSTREAMS.

The CosmoTrends Report is an essential trend guide for the beauty industry. The report collects the most innovative products and brands exhibiting at Cosmoprof Asia 2022 – Singapore Special Edition, identifying the most striking trends. Thanks to the report, press, influencers, trend-scouters, and beauty stakeholders have an overview of the most exciting and trend-setting products and brands on the show floor, giving a hands-on understanding of how the Asia-Pacific market is evolving.

How did it all come together? First, Cosmoprof Asia invited all exhibitors to submit their latest launches. Then, BEAUTYSTREAMS analysed hundreds of online submissions and highlighted the trends emerging on the show floor.

The five resulting main trends presented by BEAUTYSTREAMS are recognised as leading principles to help influence new purchase habits, and they are: BIOME MANIA, HAIR M-D., SKIN RESET, PLUMP UP THE VOLUME and ILLUMINATORS.


Soaring into mass consciousness over the last couple of years, the microbiome has had a macro influence on Cosmoprof Asia’s beauty trends this year. Consumers are discovering the inside-out approach helps increase ceramide production, thereby strengthening and balancing the skin.

South Korea’s Amtixbio, for example, rolled out their Plant Probiotics Balance Ampoule this year. Using a fermented extract to improve the skin’s protection and microenvironment, it offers visible anti-acne results, and anti-aging effects similar to vitamin C. Two products focus on controlling excess sebum. From Italy comes Eldan Cosmetics’ Rebalancing Cream with Prebiotics PH5.5, the prebiotic active ingredients creating a natural balance that also fights wrinkles. Meanwhile, from South Korea, JC People Co’s brand When delivers the Wheat-y-Polish -Enzyme Powder Wash with FerMi Meal. The vegan daily powder wash is made of Korean wheat and rice powder, and transforms into a creamy foam with water, gently removing dead skin cells, reducing sebum, and boosting cell renewal for a luminous complexion. Finally, the Italian VITA AGE offers Pre+Probiotic by OFI, which helps maintain trans-epidermal water, the lipid barrier and the composition of fatty acids. The skin becomes balanced – not too humid, not to dry – and its pH balance is restored.


As anyone who is losing their hair will testify, maintaining healthy locks is one of today’s beauty products’ most important jobs, especially considering pandemic-induced stress levels. Supplements, serums and leave-in conditioners are all fighting back to activate hair follicles, strengthen the hair’s structure, encourage regrowth and boost scalp heath.

Spain’s Nuggela & Sulé F11 Treatment is a kit that includes their Premium No.1 Shampoo and Hair Regenerator Serum for a dual approach to accelerating hair growth by over 41%, regenerate bald patches, and increase hair thickness and density, with visible results within two months. Meanwhile, from the country renowned for its gastronomy comes the latest in daily supplements, and it contains champagne! France’s Hair brand’s vegetarian, gluten-free and GMO-free Collagen Lift Paris stimulates hair regrowth, decreases hair loss and prevents greying thanks to ingredients keratin, bamboo powder and nettle among other actives. Morgan Pharma Srl from Italy introduced the men-specific and clinically proven IMMUNO XIDIL for Man this year. A topical treatment, microtechnology allows the product to reach deep into the scalp, where actives reduce microinflammation, stimulate microcirculation, reduce the level of DHT and deliver antioxidant boost. And for more hair loss reversal, clinician-approved Ossome Hair’s Exossome+ Hair Regrowth Tonic created a blend of proteins and peptides that deliver 24-hour UV defence, 72-hour hydration and urban protection into the follicular layer of the scalp to reactivate follicles.


We’re all familiar with how stress plays out on our complexions, with inflammation, dry and dehydrated skin, and fine (and not-so-fine) lines appearing all too fast. Derma-therapy is the new catchword for skin, with natural ingredients, scientific innovations and personalized treatments fighting the visible effects.

Case in point, Malaysia’s Sky Resources offers up Hops Essence, which promises to activate, strengthen and sustain our protective skin barrier. Hops extract activates skin sensors, producing a soothed sensitivity and increased defence against environmental stress and pollutants, while also delivering moisturising benefits. From South Korea is tntn mom’s Jeju Cabbage Mask, by Tenbox Corp. Organic cabbage extract is the magic ingredient, pulling its power from Jeju Island’s volcanic soil, to create a vegan, EWG Green-grade mask that’s safe for mothers-to-be and delivers detoxification, antiinflammation and antioxidants to sensitive skin. Cancer, especially the after effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and eczema, create highly sensitive skin, and two products have been designed to help. From the UK’s NHS comes Jennifer Young’s Itchy Body Oil by Hong Kong’s Wideal International Trade Limited. The super-oil’s five natural actives soothes allergies, reduces irritations and inflammation, moisturizes, hydrates and revitalizes. In addition, the sleek and clinic-proven Medipair Calming Booster by HWCOSCOCO from South Korea gathers seven plant extracts that work together to fight inflammation and calm irritation, with skin suffering from eczema showing a huge 76.5% improvement.


Non- or minimally-invasive yet packing maximum power, the new “slow plastic surgery” trend featuring zero downtime, natural outcomes and quality skin refining encompasses dermal fillers, Botox alternatives, cosmeceutical-grade serums and at-home products.

From Spain comes Tegor Group’s Deluxe Rejuven Booster, which rejuvenates, firms and fights aging, and is particularly ideal for Asian skin types. It is your best friend and secret support when undergoing professional and personal facial treatments. Also offering firm and lifted skin is Egfology’s EGF Program MTS Ampoule from South Korea, a glowing example, literally, of K-biotechnology. The purified active EGC ampoule strengthens the skin, fights aging and boosts skin resilience via cellular metabolism. The Youth Activating Instant Filler by Invity from Singapore boosts hydration and collagen production thanks to its HA technology, NAD and botanical extracts chosen for their collagen-boosting properties, also leading to lifting and wrinkle reduction. A consumer study saw 96% of 23 participants report skin firming within 28 days. Finally, Italy’s Labo Cosprophar Suisse introduces OXY-TREAT, a dermo-cosmetic at-home treatment harnessing active oxygen and functional transdermic molecules, to reduce wrinkles and treat skin issues.


Nothing looks as beautiful as ‘healthy’ and this fifth trend focuses on brightening ingredients, technologies and devices. Non-invasive, non-abrasive, ideal for at-home use, skin repair and evening, and protection these products create complexion luminosity with added side effect, mental calm.

First, South Korea’s Alpha Radiance Serum by Banobagi brings ingredients such as the powerful yet gentle alpha arbutin, niacinamide and glacial water to brighten, even and moisturize fatigued skin.

Spain’s Cosmewax Instant Radiance Pearls Primer works to hydrate, brighten, moisturise and protect the skin microbiome, with Kakadu plum, hyaluronic acid and insulin creating a transparent multi-tasking primer that smoothes and blurs. Lustre Skin, from the UK, has created the high-tech and wireless LUSTRE® ClearSkin Renew Pro Facewear, an LED mask that uses red, infrared, and blue light to boost the skin’s energy and health. And finally, the VIT C+ Ultra Mask Intensive Radiance – Overnight Face Care by N&B Natural is Better should be applied before bed. The overnight treatment is organic, nutrient rich and intense, the cream-gel reducing the signs of spots and uneven skin tone while you sleep.

This was just a small insight into BEAUTYSTREAMS’ findings. For the detailed report, please download from

See you next year in Hong Kong!

In 2023 Cosmoprof Asia will return to its home turf of Hong Kong, don’t miss out on the chance to be part of Asia’s largest international B2B beauty trade show.

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