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Discover Belgium’s 'White Gold’ at FHA-Food & Beverage 2022 as VLAM Returns with 5 Dairy Brands

The superior standard of the Belgian dairy industry will be showcased at FHA-Food & Beverage 2022 by Castle Dairy, INEX, Milcobel, Olympia and SOLAREC.

25 August 2022, SingaporeVLAM, the Agricultural Marketing Board of Belgium’s Flanders region, will be presenting ‘White Gold’ — premium dairy from the heart of Europe, at the renowned FHA-Food & Beverage convention from 5th - 8th September 2022 at the Singapore Expo, Booth Number 5 F4-01.

Five leading Belgian dairy brands, Castle Dairy, INEX, Milcobel, Olympia and SOLAREC, will be showcasing their dairy specialties such as f.i. milk powder, milk, butter, processed cheese and cream. Visitors to FHA will get a chance to meet the representatives and discover the personal service and flexibility of these family run companies.

Belgium’s dairy exports to South-East Asia shows an increasing trend over the past decade and in 2021 alone, accounted for 15% of Europe’s dairy exports which totalled more than €1.5 billion. Strikingly, the first half of 2022 saw an increase in value of Belgian dairy products exported to the region despite a lower volume output, compared to the first half of 2021 - an indicator of the strong demand for premium Belgian dairy products.

White Gold - Straight from the heart of Europe

As part of VLAM’s latest push to raise awareness of Belgium’s superior quality dairy products, “White Gold” refers to the premium milk originating from Belgian farms which forms the basis of a wide assortment of dairy products, from butters and cheeses to dairy specialties such as dairy desserts and derived dairy products. “White Gold” also symbolises Belgian dairy’s sustainable production, traceable authenticity and unerring quality.

Straight from the heart of Europe, Belgium’s dairy speciality is no coincidence. The region is an ideal location for dairy farmers thanks to the mild sea climate and fertile soil. On top of that, the family-oriented nature of the industry instils an inherent passion in producers for their craft, while top-notch standards of quality assurance and food safety in production and transportation are rigorously employed to ensure every product is held to the highest mark.

Frederik Vandermersch, Promotion Manager of dairy products within VLAM says, “We are extremely thrilled to be returning to FHA-Food & Beverage this year alongside five exceptional dairy brands straight from the heart of Europe. We will be attending the prestigious FHA after a three-year hiatus and are looking to reconnect with our partners and colleagues across Asia over the premium quality of Belgian dairy as well as our latest marketing initiatives and industry innovations.”

Castle Dairy

Castle Dairy is a dried dairy supplier that produces in-house commodities and blends for a range of businesses within the food industry, such as bakeries, ice-cream producers and even sports nutrition brands. With experience in dried dairy that goes back to 1934, the brand has grown to become an established global enterprise, rooted in the middle of Belgium’s dairy heart, Hombourg. Castle Dairy is also well-versed in making customised blends of dairy products crafted in close cooperation with clients and an in-house R&D team, making it possible to produce private label products.


As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium Belgian dairy products for direct-to-consumer retail, food service, as well as food industry purposes, INEX produces fresh dairy products that have undergone Ultra-high-temperature (UHT) processing and sterilisation to induce long shelf lives. INEX also offers extra flexibility to its clients with a range of packaging possibilities and recipe development. This dynamic family business is also strongly committed to sustainable dairy production, with an emphasis on respecting people, the planet and the product.


Milcobel is fast becoming the preferred one-stop B2B mozzarella supplier of many businesses worldwide despite focusing solely on mozzarella only relatively recently - from 2017 onwards. Yielding an annual output of 60,000 tonnes, Milcobel mozzarella is made from 100% cow's milk and available in different specifications. The product strikes the perfect balance between texture and stretch with superior melting and blistering characteristics to fulfil clients' exact needs.


Established in 1946, Olympia is a family-owned dairy company which develops and produces tailor-made quality dairy for professional users, industrial buyers and consumers around the world. Using self-collected meadow milk, the company retails dairy products such as milk, ice-cream mixes and butter under its own label, while also offering private labelling services for clients who may have more specific needs.


Heeding the ethos of continuous improvement since it was founded in 1965, SOLAREC has excelled by combining the strength of traditional know-how of Belgium’s dairy industry with competitive processes. Located in the Belgian Ardennes, this exclusive sector guarantees access to superior quality raw materials which SOLAREC utilises to create products like milk and buttermilk powder, UHT milk, butter, and mozzarella. They also carry halal, kosher and organic dairy products as well as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) products.

About VLAM

VLAM, Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board, is a non-profit organisation promoting the sale, the added value, the consumption and the image of products and services of the Flemish agriculture, horticulture, fishery and agro-alimentary sector in Belgium and abroad. It is commissioned by the business community and by the Flemish government and cooperates actively with as many links in the food chain as possible.

VLAM promotes the products of Flemish agriculture, horticulture and fishing at home and abroad. That promotion is above all per product or product group. In concrete terms that means pork, beef, meat products, poultry, eggs, rabbit, fruit & vegetables, potatoes, seed potatoes, potato products, dairy specialities, plants & flowers, fish, seeds and organic products. Outside Belgium, VLAM above all works business to business. Through trade journals and by participating in trade fairs and events, VLAM puts international importers of fresh produce in touch with Belgian suppliers, export companies and wholesalers.

About FHA-Food & Beverage

The platform of choice for industry professionals, including distributors, importers, manufacturers and retailers from Asia to see and source for high quality, new-to-market food ingredients, drinks, fresh produce, services and equipment across these key profiles – Food & Beverage, Food Ingredients and FoodTech. Majority of exhibitors participating in FHA-Food & Beverage are renowned manufacturers and brands hailing from 100 countries and regions.

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