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DSM extends Delvo®Guard bioprotective culture range to combat food waste in yogurts while balancing

Heerlen (NL), 2 March 2022

Royal DSM, a global, purpose-led, science-based company, today launches four new Delvo®Guard bioprotective cultures, enabling yogurt manufactures to naturally extend shelf life while maintaining a great taste and texture. The new cultures contain naturally occurring dairy microflora and provide a cost-effective solution to improve the quality and safety of dairy products. The new culture range provides better control for dairy manufacturers over post-acidification, gas production and decolorization, as well as improvements to creaminess and mouthfeel while extending shelf life.

Rich in protein and calcium, yogurt is a staple food around the world. However, in Europe alone, 20% of dairy products are lost or wasted every year – totaling 29 million tonnes.

DSM research indicates that the majority of yogurt waste, approximately 9%, happens at consumer level with a further 1.5-2% lost during production and 1.5-2.5% at retail level.

Therefore decreasing dairy loss and waste in the home can have a significant positive impact in the long-term, both environmentally and economically.

Extending the shelf life of popular dairy products is an effective way to cut down on food waste. A key contributor to yogurt spoilage during shelf life is microbial contamination, in particular mold and yeast contamination, and presents a complex challenge for manufacturers. At the same time, shelf life needs to be carefully balanced with taste, texture, pricing and labeling requirements, while not affecting existing manufacturing processes.

Maintaining natural positioning is also crucial for manufacturers. Natural is the top claim for new yogurt launches globally and more than 30% of yogurt launches had “natural” claims in the last five years.

DSM’s new Delvo®Guard cultures were designed with these challenges in mind. The new additions to the range provide manufacturers with protective cultures that prevent yeast and mold growth in yogurt products resulting in a longer shelf life, without sacrificing taste or texture. The extended range includes Delvo®Guard 302 and Delvo®Guard 303 which offer protective properties that prevent or delay the growth of spoilage organisms by days or even weeks, even during challenging situations such as cold breaks in the supply chain.

Also in the range, Delvo®Guard 304 and Delvo®Guard 305 have a lower post-acidification impact while still providing protection against microbial spoilage. All Delvo®Guard bioprotective cultures are easy to use and process – delivered as convenient 1-bag Direct Vat Cultures (DVC) they can be added into the production process at the same time as the starter culture.

This is an extremely strong generation of bioprotective cultures,” comments Karoline Kjaerulff, Global Business Development Manager, Fresh Fermented Solutions at DSM Food & Beverage. “Evolving consumer tastes mean natural yogurts with reduced sugar, less fat, and no additives are leading the pack. At the same time, food waste is a priority across the industry. The new Delvo®Guard cultures help manufacturers enjoy the best of both worlds by keeping yogurts fresher for longer while maintaining a great taste and texture. This offers an exciting possibility for brands to improve their consumers’ experience while also taking meaningful sustainability steps to reduce waste throughout the supply chain.”

This latest launch is part of DSM’s ongoing efforts to support the dairy industry in its journey to decarbonize their value chain, reduce food loss and waste and reach ambitious sustainability targets. This is achieved while improving the both the taste and the texture of products, so producers and consumers can enjoy it all.

With its strong presence across the value chain, DSM takes a full ecosystem approach to making sustainable dairy a reality.

For more information on how DSM can help you extend the shelf life of your yogurts, visit: DSM Delvo®Guard.


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