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Enpak launch the newest take away paper containers on food packaging

The new containers introduced by Enpak, have been designed to let customers have more choice and enrich the product line.

After collecting a lot of market feedback, Enpak is launching take away food packaging made of paper. It’s a significant milestone in the company’s long-term work on expanding the product line, the new series of paper lunch containers are currently being introduced around the world with ten different products - a massive launch program. As part of the broad plan, the series provides a greater choice and product alternative plan to customers around the world.

Daniel, President of Enpak, said: “We are delighted to be supplying a number of customers with comprehensive takeaway solutions, helping them to have more choices in limited budget or product segmentation. Understanding our customers’ needs and having collected consumer insights through multiple pieces of research across different markets, our new paper containers have been designed to expand the market. For instance, customers who were unable to purchase fiber-planted or plastic packaging before, they can choose paper container.”

The new paper container’s features are waterproof, oil-proof and convenient delivery. We provide 2 styles and 7 sizes to choose from, therefore, take-out or delivery can be very convenient. Also, it allows the customers’ products to stand out. The diverse appearance of these paper containers can help to quickly identify meals during rush hours. According to the guideline for management released this year, the company expects to add at least three product lines by the end of this year.

Daniel concluded: “We are on a journey towards creating the world’s most comprehensive food packaging, these new take-away paper containers will definitely help us expand into new markets, and our current customers will definitely be very interested. We are ramping up investment in the development of new products across our packaging portfolio such as tamper-evident packaging and other coffee cups, to better expand our business scope.”


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