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Eppendorf: New production site in Shanghai metropolitan region

  • Contract for new plant in Pinghu signed

  • Centrifuge business to be bolstered in the growth market of China

  • Local supply chain to simplify logistics and reduce transport emissions

Shanghai/Hamburg, February, 13, 2023 – The globally positioned Eppendorf Group is expanding its production operation in the Chinese market. The company signed a contract for a new production site in Shanghai metropolitan region on February 8. Eppendorf centrifuges will be made here for the local market.

“This is an important and strategic step for our company,” says Dr. Wilhelm Plüster, Eppendorf Chief Technology Officer. “It will strengthen the company’s global positioning and our worldwide production network.” China is an important and continuously expanding market for Eppendorf. The Group already generates about 15 percent of its consolidated revenue in China – and further growth is expected. “With this investment, we are systematically bolstering our core business in the growth market of China,” Plüster says.

The new location will generate additional growth momentum for the centrifuge business of the life-science company. Centrifuges are the primary product of Eppendorf’s Separation & Instrumentation Business Division. “The Chinese market for centrifuges has been continuously growing for years, and locally manufactured products have an inside track,” Plüster says. “This step will enable us to systematically join in this trend.”

Be where the customers are

The new location in Pinghu, south of Shanghai – as a fundamental part of Eppendorf’s China strategy – will place the Group’s production operations even closer to the company’s Chinese customers. It is a strategic investment that has the potential to increase the company’s market share and even better customer loyalty over the long term. “Our new plant will create local value,” Plüster says. “By taking this step, Eppendorf will not only strengthen its supply chains in a world filled with uncertainties, but will also reduce the company’s logistics and transport costs.” The move will also help Eppendorf lower its transport emissions, a goal of the company’s climate strategy. Under this strategy, Eppendorf is to become climate neutral by 2028.

The new plant is scheduled to start production in the first quarter of 2024.


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