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EXBERRY® by GNT unveils oil-dispersible yellow concentrate made from turmeric

GNT has launched a turmeric-based EXBERRY® OD concentrate that enables manufacturers to achieve vibrant yellow shades in fat-based applications.

Created according to the principle of coloring food with food, EXBERRY® Shade Bright Yellow – OD is an oil-dispersible liquid made using traditional, physical processing methods. It is suitable for use throughout much of the world and qualifies for cleaner and clearer label declarations, such as “Coloring Food (concentrate of turmeric)” in the European Union, United Kingdom, and China or “turmeric (color)” in the United States.

The liquid is produced by dispersing small turmeric-based powder particles – created through a unique multi-stage milling process – in sunflower oil. This allows it to deliver bright, homogenous yellow shades in a broad range of applications including compound coatings, ice cream coatings, fat compounds for chocolate decorations, and seasoning mixes for savory snacks.

GNT’s Sonja Scheffler, Head of Product Management, said: “Our EXBERRY® OD colors provide outstanding visual intensity in some of the most challenging applications and EXBERRY® Shade Bright Yellow – OD is an exciting new addition to the range. Turmeric is a well-known, on-trend ingredient that is approved for use in most countries worldwide and provides wonderfully vibrant yellow hues. The new product is pumpable for low-water applications, too, making it easy to handle.”

The EXBERRY® OD range also contains red, pink, orange, blue, and green shades as well as a safflower-based yellow. Like all EXBERRY® Coloring Foods, they are plant-based concentrates made from edible fruits, vegetables, and plants without the use of chemical solvents. This means they can be consumed by the spoonful and are considered to be food ingredients rather than additives under EU regulations.

GNT also has a vertically integrated supply chain to ensure product quality and year-round availability, with cultivation and harvesting monitored by the company’s agricultural engineers.

For more information about EXBERRY® colors, visit:


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