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Explored: Beneficial effect of cucumber extract on joint health

CuberUp® may have positive impact on knee pain, mobility and muscle function  

Mollet del Vallès (Spain), May 2024: Researchers have found that supplementation with  Euromed’s new cucumber extract CuberUp® may be a useful natural approach to  maintaining healthy joints. According to the double-blind clinical study, cucumber extract  is linked to the relief of joint pain as well as better muscle function, thus significantly  improving quality of life in people with joint discomfort. The results suggest that CuberUp®  is a promising botanical ingredient for applications targeting Healthy Agers, athletes and others affected by joint problems.  

Joint discomfort, which can vary in severity with conditions such as osteoarthritis, is a  common problem that can impact day-to-day living and overall quality of life, particularly  among adults over 40. A recent eight-week randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled  trial, focused on adults with varying degrees of joint discomfort of the knee. The 55  participants received a daily supplement containing 20mg of Euromed’s new natural  cucumber extract (Cucumis sativus L.). 

Subjective perception of knee pain improved significantly in both study groups, but  improvements were higher in the CuberUp® group. In addition, a reduction in pain and stiffness, together with improved physical function, were significantly more pronounced in  those receiving the cucumber extract. The Timed Up and Go test result – a clinical method to  assess a patient's mobility and risk of falling – also decreased considerably in the  experimental group. Plus, the researchers noted an improvement in muscle function during  knee flexion exercises. Furthermore, they found that inflammatory and cartilage degradation  biomarkers decreased significantly in patients supplemented with CuberUp®. 

Another interesting aspect of the study is that the researchers measured the development of  pain on a weekly basis, and found that it was progressively reduced from week 1 and was  significantly less than placebo from week 4 (28 days of treatment), indicating a rapid onset  of action. Amino acid derivatives in cucumber extracts possess anti-inflammatory properties and may also improve cartilage nutrition. Moreover, flavonoids and tannins in the  phytochemical composition of aqueous cucumber extracts may be responsible for their free  radical scavenging and analgesic effects. 

The study will be presented at the 14th Congress of Phytotherapy of the Spanish Society of  Phytotherapy in Oviedo, Spain, from 17-19 May, 2024. 

Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communication and Medical Affairs, says: “Joint health is  a key piece in the healthy ageing puzzle, and there is increasing interest in natural,  preventive options offered by nutraceuticals and functional foods. Cucumber is already well known in traditional medicine. Based on the beneficial effects on symptoms, inflammation  and cartilage degradation biomarkers observed in the study, CuberUp® supplementation  may be a promising approach to maintaining joint and connective tissue health, and  preventing knee joint "wear and tear" for improved mobility comfort. In addition, it is a high quality, standardised cucumber extract obtained via eco-friendly technology and sustainable  farming.” 

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