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Gelita Translates Collagen Science Into Market Opportunities

Vitafoods Europe, 9-11 May, Geneva, Switzerland, booth I 110

GELITA, the official collagen sponsor of this year’s Vitafoods Europe, will show how its tailored gelatins and specific collagen peptides address three current trends and challenges in supplement and nutraceutical production. The collagen protein pioneer will reveal how its science-backed Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) can harness the healthy ageing opportunity, how CONFIXX® next-generation gelatin can facilitate the development of on-trend fortified gummies and how GELITA EC® enables one-step production of enteric capsules. Theatre presentations from subject experts will provide a forum for visitors to dive deeper into these topics.

Oliver Wolf, Marketing EMEIA at GELITA, says: “Consumer trends such as healthy ageing and beauty from within offer exciting market opportunities for the supplement and nutraceutical industries. However, solid science has to be the backbone of any product development in these areas - without it, products will not ‘stand up’. As a science-led, market-driven company, we are passionate about helping our customers to bridge the gap between collagen research and market potential by meeting the needs of technologists and marketers. We know how to unlock the properties of collagen and gelatin to deliver products with tangible benefits and high consumer appeal.”

Healthy ageing: targeted collagen peptides for joints, bones, muscles and skin

Ageing populations are driving demand for solutions that can help consumers to stay healthy for longer. Supported by almost 20 published human studies, GELITA’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) can be a strong ally for manufacturers looking to tap into this trend. Rather than offering a ‘blanket’ solution, GELITA ’s specific collagen peptides are optimised to target key areas of age-related health: FORTIBONE® stimulates synthesis of the bone collagen matrix; FORTIGEL® supports mobility by promoting regeneration of joint cartilage tissues, and TENDOFORTE® keeps ligaments and tendons healthy and flexible. For beauty from within concepts, VERISOL® stimulates the fibroplasts to produce more collagen in the skin.

CONFIXX®: facilitating fortified gummy innovation

Fortified gummies are another trend that will provide a talking point at Vitafoods - the number of supplements launched in this format rocketed by 81% globally between 2020 and 2021. GELITA’s latest breakthrough in this space is CONFIXX® - a fast-setting gelatin that can be used in gentle, starch-free gummy production. This solution opens up new opportunities to formulate with sensitive active ingredients whilst safeguarding the chewy, jelly, gummy texture that consumers love.

GELITA EC®: smarter soft gels

GELITA will also show how GELITA EC® can help supplement manufacturers optimise enteric fill release in soft capsules to improve product economics when working with probiotics and other sensitive fills. As well as enabling a cost effective single-step production process, GELITA EC® gelatin negates the need to ‘overdose’ active ingredients to compensate for loss in the gastric passage - enteric soft gels manufactured with GELITA EC® withstand the acidic milieu and enter the small intestine intact.

Get your theatre seats

Three presentations delivered by GELITA experts during Vitafoods will give delegates deeper insights into these topics:

• 9 May, 11.30 am (Probiotics Theatre): Martin Junginger: Enteric capsules for new application opportunities

• 9 May, 3.00 pm (New Ingredients Theatre): Dr Johanna Schmidgall / Natalie Leuwer: Fortified food - from initial demand to tailored solutions

• 10 May, 2.00 pm (New Ingredients Theatre): Martin Walter: Bioactive Collagen Peptides fuelling the healthy ageing category



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