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Global Robotics Firm, OTSAW Creates A Breakthrough in Robotics With Their New Multi-purpose Robot, Camello+

Robotic Powerhouse, OTSAW disrupts robotics with the World’s First Multi-Purpose Robot – Camello+

Singapore, 29th January 2024 – After a 9-year journey of innovation, OTSAW, a driving force behind Singapore's robotics landscape, proudly unveils Camello+, a breakthrough in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

OTSAW adopts a multifaceted approach by creating versatile and adaptable robots to address real world challenges across different industries. Having crafted a multitude of robots across the span of 9 years, OTSAW has refined its extensive experience in robotics to develop Camello+, their new multi-purpose robot.

The ambition behind Camello+ challenges the conventional robotics approach, shifting away from single-purpose robots. Equipped with interchangeable modular attachments, this innovation allows it to serve diverse industries concurrently, ranging from healthcare to logistics and security.

Ling Ting Ming, CEO and Founder of OTSAW

“We brought together all our robotics expertise to create Camello+, our first ever multi-purpose robot that can serve multiple industries. It's been a journey, we needed to learn from making different robots for different purposes before creating a multi-use one,” said Ling Ting Ming, CEO and Founder of OTSAW.

"Amidst the growing labor shortage, industries face an urgent need for innovative solutions. Our new multi-purpose robot Camello+ is not just an upgrade, It's a breakthrough in the robotics industry, integrating numerous solutions in a single robot catered for various uses.”

Visit OTSAW at the Singapore Pavilion - Hall 8, Booth Number: H8.A57, Dubai World Trade Centre, and witness a live showcase of Camello+.

For an exclusive one-on-one or group presentation of OTSAW’s latest robot at Arab Health 2024, connect with us at

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