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Good Doctor Strengthens Health Services for Corporate Customers through B2B Partnerships

  • Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor) is committed to achieving its mission of providing one doctor for every family by strengthening its offerings for Business-To-Business (B2B) partnership arrangements and deepening strategic partnerships to jointly address existing gaps across the country’s healthcare ecosystem.

  • Good Doctor’s commitment is in line with the regional headquarters' efforts to spearhead various digital health research initiatives, which will underpin their in-app product enhancement initiatives.

JAKARTA, 21 January 2022 - Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor) announced their reaffirmed commitment to enhancing their digital health solution offerings designed to address the needs of businesses - a response to the industry's growing demands for long-term health management solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic and into the new normal. According to data from the PWC 2021 Global Crisis Survey, 80% of corporate leaders worldwide said their organizations recognize the importance of caring for their employees' physical and mental well-being during the pandemic.

At the same time, Good Doctor also acknowledges an increasing interest among corporations to leverage holistic digital health services to manage the health of their organizations smartly. To date, the fast-growing health-tech player has successfully collaborated with more than 1,000 insurance partners and companies in Indonesia. With existing experiences working closely with various organizations, Good Doctor recognises the importance of deepening their collaboration with more business leaders to increase knowledge about the barriers and trouble spots to accessing critical health services in the workplace and beyond.

Good Doctor's Managing Director, Danu Wicaksana, said: “As a technology-based integrated health service provider, Good Doctor always strives to invest and develop business strategies designed to answer public health needs. To achieve this, we recognise that deep collaborations with like-minded industry leaders are required to fully understand the existing barriers within the healthcare ecosystem and consider the strategic role of developing new in-app features and enhancement initiatives that are carefully designed to make a meaningful and impactful difference in our users' lives. Together, we hope to develop more targeted solutions that meet their healthcare needs, backed by a data-driven approach to our insight-gathering processes.”

Danu continued, “To maximize the digital-first approach to managing healthcare, Good Doctor brings thousands of medical specialists on our platform with more than 26 departments of different clinical specialties and thousands of general practitioners to support our partners in maintaining users' health. Looking at our achievements in 2021, Good Doctor is optimistic that 2022 will be an opportunity to strengthen our existing partnerships further and work with more corporates, insurance, pharmacies, and health facilities partners to improve patients' access to our digital health service.”

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, Good Doctor sees the public's interest in prioritizing their health through preventive and proactive actions. For this reason, Good Doctor works to support the local economy revival through various efforts to strengthen the most valuable asset in a company, namely employees. Through B2B partnerships, Good Doctor will provide multiple services tailored to customer needs. First, Good Doctor provides priority doctor services where users have access to the doctor of their choice and will not be changed to another doctor when the patient wants to return for a consultation. In addition, Good Doctor also provides other services such as Corporate Wellness where customers can use weight management, mental health and other services, drug purchase and delivery services, education through a webinar according to corporate needs, special offers for B2B members, as well as ancillary services such as COVID-19 tests and vaccination.

Good Doctor recognises the corporate and insurance need for a dynamic, reliable, and hassle-free approach to health benefits management and Good Doctor can answer that through customisable solutions. To get B2B services, corporate and insurance clients can use the Pay Per Use (PPU) or Capitation membership system. Using the PPU membership, clients make payments after the employees use the Good Doctor services. While in the Capitation system, the client makes an upfront payment and will get unlimited access to Good Doctor services for a certain period, for example, one year.

Good Doctor's digital healthcare innovation received a positive response from corporate partners and stakeholders. In 2021, Good Doctor dominated the telehealth industry market share in Indonesia by 24% after being launched in 2019 and succeeded in becoming the fastest growing digital health platform in the country1. Good Doctor also earned an NPS score of 57 in the Nielsen Brand Health Survey in Q2 2021, meaning that the telemedicine company outperforms the market in terms of company reputation, consulting, support, and payment options2. Furthermore, Good Doctor established strong ties with the Indonesian government and received an appreciation award from the Ministry of Health for its active role in accelerating COVID-19 vaccination in more than 18 cities and served more than 20,000 recipients. This achievement also proves that digital health services are increasingly being used, and the telemedicine role among Indonesian society is getting stronger.

Good Doctor's commitment is in line with the regional business strategy of cultivating best industry practices and bringing a tried and tested approach to be implemented across the company's branches in Southeast Asia. To achieve this, Good Doctor is doubling its research and development capabilities by increasing its workforce by 50% over the next three years and attracting passionate talents with cross-industry experience beyond the healthcare and technology sectors. By strengthening regional resources, Good Doctor aims to support the future of healthcare in Southeast Asia by championing a digital-first approach to address the fundamental accessibility gaps in primary healthcare that exist in many regions. This will benefit and enhance our digital healthcare service for the patients in Indonesia.

Melvin Vu, Regional CEO of Good Doctor Technology, said, “As we continue to invest and grow our business, we recognise the value of pioneering the development of innovative yet thoughtfully designed in-app features, built to make a meaningful difference in all the lives of the people we serve. By taking a data-driven approach to our insights gathering processes, we look forward to developing more user-backed health solutions that cater to their specific needs. Underpinning our growth plans, our regional headquarters (RHQ) will continue to be a strategic innovation and knowledge hub where new digital health features and test-bed initiatives will be spearheaded and deployed in the countries we serve.”

In 2022, Good Doctor is committed to achieving its mission of providing One Doctor for Every Family by strengthening its offerings for B2B partnerships arrangements and deepening strategic partnerships to address existing gaps across the country’s healthcare ecosystem jointly. This effort is carried out through strengthening partnerships with stakeholders to explore the long-term use of telemedicine. Currently, Good Doctor is collaborating with the Ministry of Health to provide doctor consultation services and free drug delivery services to self-isolated patients. Anticipating the spread of the Omicron variant, Good Doctor is preparing to serve more COVID-19 patients, especially at this time when Indonesians are increasingly open and adapting to digital health services.

1 Data Nielsen 2021; Jabodetabek, Surabaya, Bandung, Yogya + Semarang, Medan, Makassar

2 Survey Brand Health Nielsen Q2 2021, NPS = Net Promoter Score (customer satisfaction index)

About Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor)

Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor) is a technology-based integrated health service provider with the vision of 'One Doctor for Every Family in Indonesia'. Good Doctor collaborates with Grab to provide an integrated telemedicine service, namely GrabHealth powered by Good Doctor, with a mission to provide access to quality health services for users in Indonesia. Supported by more than 6000 registered doctors and 4000 trusted pharmacies, hospitals, and official health laboratories in more than 100 cities in Indonesia, Good Doctor is ready to answer public health needs. Good Doctor is the official partner of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Communication and Information, and the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) to accelerate the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia since March 2020. After successfully partnering with Grab Indonesia in providing healthcare solutions, Good Doctor launched its application in March 2021 as a form of continuous commitment to advancing application-based health services and building a digital ecosystem in the health sector. Good Doctor services provide a complete 24/7 healthcare solution through the Medical Consulting feature, an e-commerce service for Medicines and Health Products for purchasing and delivery partners with more than 4000 pharmacies, hospitals, and official health laboratories, and Health Articles, content about health, tips, and lifestyle curated by a team of doctors. As a leading online healthcare provider platform, Good Doctor has thousands of medical specialists on its platform with more than 26 departments of different clinical specialties and thousands of general practitioners.

Source: Good Doctor


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