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How OPM can support beauty and personal care brands in their search for authentic labelling

The beauty industry has seen dramatic shifts in the last five years. From the decline in innovation and the rise of e-commerce – heightened by demand during the Covid-19 pandemic – to the importance of transparency, traceability and sustainability, consumers have started to challenge traditional beauty standards. Today, they are demanding that beauty brands step up to the plate and recognise their authenticity in a highly competitive market.

The search for authenticity

Earlier this year at its virtual event, Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) highlighted that 2022 will be the ‘era of trust’ for consumers. In a recent report from Mintel, 48% of consumers now want brands to show the direct impact their purchases have on the environment, while 47% want labels to clearly show a product’s environmental impact1. Some consumers want beauty brands to go even further, with 30% willing beauty brands to ‘do what’s best for the environment’ – no matter the cost.

Generation Z, the youngest cohort of consumers, are also willing to justify their thoughts with meaningful action. According to Kantar, Gen Z were 1.4 times likely to pay a premium for eco-friendly products, with 45% planning to prioritise sustainability over price.

For brands, this presents an opportunity to tell their story beyond traditional means. From customisation and personalisation to meta-makeup experimentation and augmented technology, there are now multiple ways to tap into consumers’ online and offline lives. For example, take TikTok. The social media giant says 52% of its users now discover new products on its platform. Smaller brands like CeraVe’s hydrating cream-to-foam cleanser in its skincare range have surged in popularity due to going viral on TikTok.

Looking beyond traditional packaging

With consumers purchasing via new distribution channels, brands must ensure their packaging reflects their story. So, whether that’s a conscious move towards environmentally friendly packaging substrates or championing next generation technology that allows their story to be told in a unique way, brands must prove they can be trusted to do what’s morally and ethically right.

At OPM, we have the best tools, knowledge, and experience at our disposal to ensure your packaging stands out on shelf – both online and offline. Between eye-catching deep metallic effects on your labels to printing on brown Kraft papers for a more natural look, OPM is the first choice for major skincare and cosmetics brands that want their customers to both look good and feel good when shopping online or via TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

Why OPM?

Our award-winning work means we create innovative and functional labels in line with constantly changing regulatory requirements, while never losing sight of their primary function: stunning design and informative content.

One of our leading innovations in this area is Multi Dex. A perfect fit for the skincare and cosmetics industry, this multi-layered, multi-indexed, multi-substrate and multi-coloured peel and read label is both a practical and versatile solution for brand owners, product developers and their packaging design teams.

Functionality is further improved with an adhesive hinge that can be placed anywhere on the label so pages can be peeled back, either to the left or right sides independently, to reveal up to 12 different printed faces. The label can also be resealed repeatedly once opened and is a great solution when too much information can make a label look busy and crowded.

To stay ahead of the curve brands that opt for tactile finishes, like metallic hot and cold foiling, combinations of matte and gloss finishes, or even embossing and debossing can create a premium look and feel that’s TikTok worthy. Fortunately, Multi Dex is 100% on trend and can easily incorporate decorative and tactile finishes to complete your authentic brand story. Plus, with our unique technology, brands also gain the advantage of incorporating up to ten colours – creating an elegant and informative label that is functional yet stylish.

As we welcome in a new era of trust, skincare and cosmetics brands that look to OPM for their flexible packaging and labels can rest assured they are in good hands. At OPM, we’re not only committed to the sustainability challenge, but we are also committed to finding the best solution for you.


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