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IFST Webinar: Plant-based vs. milk – hype or hope

Organised by IFSTs Sensory Science Group (SSG)

Sensing alternatives to milks. Are plant-based alternatives to milk worthy of all that rave? Alternatives to milk have recently been on the rise. Consumer acceptance has been widespread with plant-based drinks now occupying considerable shelf space in grocery stores and even local coffee shops offering these options. Have you wondered why people are flocking to these? Do consumers expect them to taste like milk? This presentation will highlight current trends, the reasons behind their increasing popularity, consumer expectations and acceptance, sensory drivers and opportunities for improvement. The talk will also present the pros and cons from a sensory point of view. It will also invite participants to reflect on varying perspectives in North America versus the UK and other global locations

IFST member - Free Non-IFST member - £25.00

Chair: Stephanie Mitchell, FIFST, CSci, RSensSci, MCIEH Speaker: Natasha Dsouza, Senior Director Global Sensory and Consumer Insights, Blue California Co Q&A Moderator: Carol Raithatha, Member of SSG Events Working Group


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