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Innovative Medical Alliance Established to Help Taiwan’s Medical Devices Industry

In January 2022, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) joined forces with 11 clinical practitioners and organizations with extensive experience in the research and development of innovative medical devices to establish the “Innovative Medical Alliance.” The purpose of the Alliance is to accelerate the expansion of local industries into the international market.

The Alliance aims at discovering innovative products, assisting in product regulatory certification, and connecting local suppliers with international medical institutions, distributors, and dealers, thereby forming a complete industrial chain.

James Chih-Fang Huang, chairperson of TAITRA, said that as a pioneer in overseas marketing, TAITRA not only established the Taiwan Global Anti-COVID-19 Pavilion in 2020, but also founded the “TAITRA Innovation Hub” in 2021. This year, the Council converted the website of the Taiwan Global Anti-COVID-19 Pavilion into the Taiwan Healthcare Hub, a one-stop platform that promotes local high-quality biotechnology and healthcare industries.

Meanwhile, TAITRA actively operates multiple associated video and audio channels, examples of which include “Let’s Learn Economics and Trade!” In 2022, the Council plans to launch an English channel, “TAITRA Global,” as well as an online channel, “James on Air.” These programs will help local medical products expand into the international market through a combination of digital marketing and social media promotion.

Kuan-chih Li, Deputy Director General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, pointed out that the number of medical products grow exponentially during the pandemic. Since 2021, the Trade Bureau had integrated epidemic prevention, biotechnology pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and long-term care into the concept of a comprehensive health industry. He hoped that, through digital technology and other promotional activities, the Trade Bureau and TAITRA could jointly become the backbone of this industry.

The 11 clinical practitioners and organizations of the Alliance include: CK Seed, Radica Health, Dr. Ming-hui Cheng, ATOM Health, ClearMind Biomedical, Kang Chien Medical, Diamond Biotechnology, YesMax Technology, Wiltrom, BioGend Therapeutics, and Dentall Co., Ltd. The Alliance provides integrated services for various medical needs, such as innovative medical service systems, innovative medical devices, and innovative medical operations.

TAITRA will also hold the “Medical Taiwan” exhibition from June 16 to 18, 2022. The exhibition will include not only upstream raw materials but also downstream finished products, covering such fields as medical equipment, consumables, nursing supplies, health promotion, smart healthcare, medical material manufacturing and spare parts, beauty care and cosmetics, and medical innovation, showcasing the most complete production and supply chain of the medical industry in Taiwan.


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