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International presence in the name of change at TUTTOFOOD 2023

TUTTOFOOD is the most international food & beverage event in Italy, and this year once again will make no exception: to date, more than 2,000 brands from at least 40 countries are already registered, with buyers expected from all over the world. To further strengthen this international profile, this year's edition - at fieramilano from May 8 to 11, 2023 - will feature several foreign collective stands.

Europe will be at the forefront, a major player in global agri-food supply chains: according to EU data, food & beverage is the largest manufacturing sector in Europe in terms of jobs and added value. Over the past decade, European exports have doubled in value, exceeding 90 billion euros and with a surplus of more than 30 billion.

Europe under the spotlight between tradition and innovation

Europe is looked upon by consumers around the world as the home of good eating. Greece is certainly one of the most celebrated countries, also thanks to the Mediterranean diet. “Greece has always been a food exporter, but something is changing in recent years”, pointed out Alkis Kalabokis, managing director of Great Trade Exhibitions. “Especially after the financial crisis that hit the country in 2011, Greek producers realized that it was not possible to grow without boosting exports. Since then, exports grew steadily to over 20.5 billion euros with growth rates exceeding 20% in some sectors. Also diversification is increasing. Nowadays, Greece is no longer focused only on olive oil, but also on finished products such as Greek yogurt, cheese, ready-made specialties, as well as healthy and sustainable products, for example those made from dried fruit.”

Alongside the most established countries, also emerging exporters such as Romania will have visibility at TUTTOFOOD 2023. Andreea Varvoreanu, Marketing & Communication Director of Aaylex One, one of the brands featured in the Romanian collective stand, presented their proposal: “Romania is characterized by a landscape that is still almost intact in many regions, and this allows to offer natural and sustainable products. Our company takes a responsible 'from farm to fork' approach for our chicken products, with a focus on protein content. In order to be able to maintain to the fullest the nutritional qualities of chicken, we decided to adopt innovative processing techniques, therefore the innovation is about the process as well as the product. For example, we implemented a plant that produces energy from waste, in the name of circularity.”

With respect to the importance of attending TUTTOFOOD 2023, the directors of foreign collective stands are basically on the same page: an event that is not only global, but also focused on innovation, an ideal platform to meet buyers from all over the world, starting with big retail brands.

If you would like to join the large parterre of international exhibitors at TUTTOFOOD 2023, please ask for info on how to become an exhibitor. Otherwise, if you are a professional visitor, buy now your ticket with a preferential price valid until April 8.


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