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MGA Technologies launches its private collaborative 5G network at MGA TechLab 4.0

MGA TechLab 4.0 Presentation

At the end of 2020, MGA Technologies created the MGA TechLab 4.0. It is a technological platform for collaborative innovation by manufacturers, for manufacturers which is designed to accelerate French healthcare, in particular Biopharma, and semiconductor industries. Its goal is to make factories more flexible, more agile, safer, more scalable and more productive. The MGA TechLab 4.0 is therefore a team of enthusiasts and a 800 m² collaborative space to test and demonstrate the uses of new technologies for industry. The MGA TechLab4.0 is developing tomorrow’s industrial applications, with several topics being targeted, such as:

  • Mobile Robotics

  • Collaborative Robotics

  • Advanced mechatronics and the integration of new technologies

  • New networks: Connectivity and cybersecurity

  • IIOT

  • Data Analysis (predictive maintenance, process supervision and optimisation)

  • Digital twins and intelligent HMI

  • Mixed realities

  • Augmented operators (remote assistance/interactive instruction/training)

MGA Techlab 4.0 works via two approaches:

  • A partner approach to develop, demonstrate and appropriate the use of new technologies

  • A customer approach to innovate and carry out proof of concept studies.

This collaborative approach with our partners and customers allows us to master the value chain and to propose co-innovation methodologies to improve performance and invent new solutions.

Partnership with Cellnex and Edzcom

In this context, the MGA Techlab 4.0 has signed a partnership with Cellnex/Edzcom (the leading independent European wireless infrastructure operator, to install the first private 5G collaborative network in France (under deployment, Press release here).

The MGA Techlab 4.0 is now equipped with a private 5G network with NOKIA equipment using the N38, 2.8Ghz Standalone frequency delivered by ARCEP. This frequency is allocated by the ARCEP for MGA Technologies exclusive use to build its private industrial network and develop use cases.

MGA Techlab 4.0 ,with the deployment of this collaborative private 5G network, has three objectives:

  • Federate and accelerate an industrial ecosystem around 5G,

  • Identify and support solution providers in exploring the uses of 5G,

  • Demonstrate the use of 5G to our customers and co-construct their deployment roadmaps.

First Uses

The network is operational since late January 2022, the use cases will be set up throughout the year.

MGA Technologies give priority to the following approach:

  • Understand and explore the ins and outs of installing an industrial network,

  • Test the performance of data flows (throughput, latency, security, etc.),

  • Evaluate the possibilities of 5G for 4.0 technologies and demonstrate its uses,

  • Put in situation and test connected (IIOT) and embedded sensors,

  • Explore innovations to equip Augmented Operators,

  • Evaluate the performance of real-time localisation and mobile robotics equipped with advanced technologies.

Collaboration in Innovative Ecosystems

As its name suggests, this network is intended to be collaborative. That is to say open to our partners and customers who wish to test, evaluate, understand and especially create value with these new networks.. Throughout 2022, new use cases and applications will be deployed with our partner CellNex/Edzcom and innovative hardware solution providers.

Source: MGA


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