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MULTIVAC UK extends its Automation portfolio thanks to a NEW partnership with Gripple Automation

MULTIVAC UK is pleased to have exclusively partnered with Sheffield-based manufacturer Gripple Automation to bring innovative automation solutions to help increase efficiency and reduce reliance on manual labour during production.

Gripple Automation is a bespoke manufacturing automation solutions provider, who utilise the latest robotic and automation technologies to improve production processes, productivity, quality, and safety whilst also reducing operating costs.

The business was formed from the success of its sister company Gripple Ltd, which was established in 1987 in Sheffield and is largely known for its wire joining products, where the use of automation matured into its own identity to supply solutions to the automotive, food, assembly, and handling industries.

The unique background with Gripple Ltd has provided Gripple Automation with an inherent understanding of the needs of other manufacturers, from the essentials of improved manufacturing quality, flow, and costs, to ease of access for maintenance engineers.

Innovative automation solutions

Gripple Automation pride themselves on their ability to guide a project from concept through to actualisation, and it is for this reason that MULTIVAC UK has exclusively partnered with the business to design and manufacture a shelf-ready case packing unit to add to their already extensive automation product portfolio.

The new shelf-ready case packing unit is capable of working at high speeds with a compact footprint to provide a range of manufacturers with the ability to run their production lines at maximum efficiency with reduced overheads. The new unit is highly flexible and can is compatible with a wide range of case and pack sizes. The product remains stable throughout the process due to the way the packs are loaded into the cases, which increases efficiency and reduces stoppages and incorrect pack counts.

The partnership is an exciting addition to MULTIVAC UK’s third-party automation solutions to provide producers with a complete end-to-end manufacturing solution.

”The new partnership with Gripple Automation is very exciting and allows us to offer an innovative standard solution to enable our customers to reduce overheads and re-direct existing labour to areas that need it most, which is key in today’s market!” says James Bedford, Systems Application Manager at MULTIVAC UK.

“Our partnership with Multivac is critical for us to continue to innovate and expand the industries we serve” says Darren Beardsmore, MD at Gripple Automation. “We are continually refining our machines to further add value for Multivac and their customers and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.”

“The Gripple Automation Case packer is an excellent addition to the MULTIVAC Portfolio” says Matthew Jackson, Sales Director at MULTIVAC UK. “This product range is the result of joint development and is aimed directly at the labour shortage challenges faced by our customers.”

“This solution can be supplied as part of a complete line or as an individual unit, and customers can typically expect an 18-month return on investment. We are delighted to be able to offer another high-quality, customer-focused process improvement, all supported by our team of 56 field-based Regional Service Technicians.”

If you are interested in learning more about Gripple Automation and MULTIVAC’s Automation product portfolio please contact James Bedford, Systems Application Manager for more information: james.bedford(at)


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