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NORD Drivesystems, Solutions for heavy duty logistics

From belt conveyors and bucket elevators to lifting equipment: With its wide portfolio of Maxxdrive industrial gear units, Nord Drivesystems offers powerful and robust drive solutions for all requirements of heavy-duty logistics.

NORD-Industrial-Gear-Units.jpg: From the MAXXDRIVE XT right-angle gear unit (l.) to the MAXXDRIVE XD (r.): NORD offers a wide range of industrial gear units for various applications Image: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

A 35% increase in centre distance and a 60% reduction in drive weight due to optimal use of installation space: With its new Maxxdrive XD series, the drive specialist sets new standards.

The new family member in the Nord industrial gear unit portfolio is precisely matched to the requirements of lifting equipment. The parallel arrangement of the gear stages and the thus increased centre distance were specially developed for the usual layout of lifting gear drives for cranes, where gear unit, motor and rope drum are arranged in a U-shape. The increased surface area of the XD also ensures an optimum heat dissipation.

Solutions from a single source

"Thanks to the new Maxxdrive XD, we can now provide all drive solutions for heavy duty logistics from a single source," said Jörg Niermann, head of marketing at Nord Drivesystems.

All Maxxdrive industrial gear units from Nord Drivesystems are characterised by quiet operation and a long service life. With very high output torques of up to 282,000 Nm, they are ideally suitable for demanding applications in lifting equipment, belt conveyors and bucket elevators.

Durable and robust

Precise gear geometries in the Maxxdrive industrial gear units ensure excellent load capacity, long service life and low noise. High-quality, low-friction bearings and the especially torsionally rigid one-piece Unicase housing guarantee maximum robustness. The cuboid Unicase housing also allows greatest flexibility and enables six installation positions. Nord offers its Maxxdrive industrial gear units in a total of eleven sizes and in parallel or right-angle gear unit versions.

The Maxxdrive XT series was designed for particularly high powers without special cooling requirements. With powers of up to 7,500 kW, it is recommended for applications in bulk goods conveying.

From conveying to lifting

"For all areas of heavy duty logistics, Nord Drivesystems provides powerful and robust drive solutions – from conveying to lifting, from general goods to bulk materials," Niermann emphasised. All Maxxdrive industrial gear units use standard components to enable short-term availability. However, they are always configured to be tailor-made for the customer’s individual requirements.

"Our experts know the industry-specific requirements of heavy duty logistics exactly, they advise our customers comprehensively and design tailor-made solutions with them so that they receive the ideal configuration for their application," he stated.


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