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Reduction, replacement and recycling of plastic: resource saving packaging concepts from SEALPAC

SEALPAC is known for its high-performing and at the same time extremely efficient traysealers and thermoformers. In addition, as a packaging specialist, we develop contemporary solutions that combine product safety and cost-effective production with striking looks and resource conservation. These solutions increasingly rely on mono-materials for improved recycling, are characterized by reduced film consumption, and process alternative materials such as paper into safe and attractive packaging. SEALPAC’s high-tech equipment is perfectly tailored to the processing of these new packaging solutions and alternative materials. This saves resources and gives both retailers and manufacturers a true competitive edge.

Reducing and replacing plastic:

The FlatSkin® concept, which is based on a high proportion of cardboard and a minimum amount of plastic, provides secure and attractive packaging of meat and alternative meat products.

Significantly less materials: cost savings and environmental protection Using less materials and processing them in a more economical way: this is what the packaging machines from SEALPAC are designed for. For example, thanks to their innovative transport system, the new Amax-series traysealers are able to process ultra light trays weighing less than 10g without impacting productivity or tray stability, while our unique Rapid Air Forming system enables the use of up to 10% thinner films for different applications on our thermoformers.

Improved recycling

By using mono-plastics in thermoformer applications, recyclability of the packaging is made possible.

Significantly less plastic: saving resources

Also materials, which partially or even completely replace plastic, can be reliably processed on SEALPAC machines into safe, hygienic and attractive packaging. In close cooperation with film manufacturers and specialists in paper-based consumables, several ground-breaking concepts were created that reduce the amount of plastic considerably and therefore conserve raw materials, such as:

FlatMap®: modified atmosphere packaging of sliced products, developed together with cardboard expert Van Genechten. It consists of a paper-based carrier with ultra-thin protective layer and a thin top film from Buergofol that keeps the product fresh thanks to its unique re-closing properties. The FlatMap® packaging concept reduces the amount of plastic by up to 75%.

FlatSkin®: vacuum skin application, developed with cardboard specialist Van Genechten and film manufacturer Wentus. It is also based on a flat cardboard carrier, which provides secure and attractive packaging of meat and alternative meat products.

eTray®: modified atmosphere packaging in a tray with fully printable cardboard base and plastic inlay, which can save up to 50% in plastic, and can be separated into its individual components afterwards.

Paper-based top and bottom films: these films reduce the amount of plastic in thermoformer applications, but still allow for separation of the different materials (e.g. the liner from the cardboard base of the film).

Significantly improved recycling: materials separation and mono-plastics Another option, supported by SEALPAC’s packaging machines and concepts, is to increase sustainability in packaging by improving its recyclability, for example by using mono-plastics or by allowing the consumer to separate packaging into its individual components. SEALPAC equipment will always reliably process mono-trays and mono films from various manufacturers. Hybrid packaging solutions, such as FlatMap®, eTray® and FlatSkin®, have been developed by SEALPAC and its partners with minimum plastic and maximum fibre content, but also to be easily dismantled into their individual parts after use. This allows for separate disposal in the appropriate waste streams for optimal recycling. eTray® is one of the few hybrid packaging solutions on the market where the plastic component consists of mono-PP and is therefore even easier to recycle.

SEALPAC at IFFA 2022 in Frankfurt: hall 11.0, stand D11.

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