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Restaurant & Bar Tech Live

Europe's leading event for the technologies driving the profits of restaurants & bars!

The Restaurant & Bar Tech Live took over the ExCeL London on the 19th & 20th of October 2022. It gathered together an incredible line-up of keynote speakers, speakers, and exhibitors to show the leading restaurant and bar’s latest technologies and equipment to revolutionise the food & drinks industry and how to keep their business ahead of the curve.

Over the two days, the show saw 3,971 visitors, which included well established companies such as, Tevalis, Sump up, Deliveret, Spark Epos… and the list goes on! The visitors were rushing around the packed stands to gather the latest tools and equipment to make their business soar in 2022.

The visitors came to see the unrivalled line-up of keynote speakers, from the likes of Turtle Bay, Boxpark, Gusto Italian, Harri, Foodhub and many more, who all took to the stage and gave phenomenal sessions.

The event had around 300 innovative suppliers and 200 speakers who joined the show to meet delegates and introduce their products and services to a wider market. The stands were busy, and the exhibitors were buzzing as the visitors filtered their way through the show floor.

“Yeah, we come every year, we do probably about seven or eight shows in the industry. But this one is tech focused. So this is pretty much our bag. We're getting excited about it. Being a new person seeing new faces and old faces. Just a fantastic show all around. Amazing.” - Tevalis - Exhibitor

“Restaurant & Bar Tech Live 2022 is done, a fantastic event with a lot of exciting tech on show - the industry is in good hands! Thank you to all that made it along to my talk on Wednesday, great crowd!”

- David James Turtle Bay- Head of Business Intelligence

“Day 2 at Restaurant & Bar Tech Live was just as good as day 1! It was great to hear insights on trends in the industry, along with hearing about how businesses are adapting and moving forward in the current climate.

Laura Willoughby MBE gave a really informative talk around the low and no alcohol movement. It’s really interesting to see how the attitude towards alcohol is changing. Laura was able to give so many amazing alternatives that allow event attendees to stay engaged regardless of whether they’re drinking or not.

I also managed to catch Michael Kill discuss the night time industry with a panel of esteemed guests. The passion for the industry was so clear in all of the Night Time Industries Association talks that I attended. It was really thought provoking listening to how the different venue managers are preparing for things like Protect Duty, whilst also managing the industry difficulties they currently face.

Finally, I managed to listen to Alan Fox discuss the work that The Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) do with great caterers across the country. His talk was such a great guide on building a brand as a street food brand, it left me feeling able to provide extra levels of assistance and support to our clients!

Overall, a great time speaking to industry leaders, hospitality professionals and passionate individuals working for themselves” - Richard Lee-Venyu

“This week I had the pleasure of talking at the Restaurant & Bar Tech Live show about the importance of avoiding technology for the sake of technology in BOXPARK. Thanks to all of those who attended and it was great to see innovation taking place across the hospitality industry right now.” - Ben McLaughlin COO- BOXPARK Keynote Speaker

“Um it's been an awesome exercise from both the branding and the Legion point of view. Obviously the vibe has been high. It's been a lot of fun and you know, we're excited to see what opportunities come out of it. And yeah next year, super excited for next year. This is definitely the show to be at.” - Visitor

“When we registered for a stand at the Restaurant & Bar Tech Live we didn’t think we would be walking away today with our very first AWARD! 🥇When we registered for a stand at the Restaurant & Bar Tech Live we didn’t think we would be walking away today with our very first AWARD! 🥇

We are absolutely over the moon to have won the 2022 Enterprise Award, which “pays tribute to a concept that exemplifies excellence in the way of functionality, innovation and design, having made a significant and powerful impact on the industry.” For an app that hasn’t even launched yet, we’re pretty chuffed that Ambl is starting to make waves in the hospitality industry 😎 But most importantly, we would like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has believed and supported us so far. We wouldn’t be here without you - this is only the beginning ❤️.” - Aaron Solomon- CEO & Co-Founder at Ambl

The Restaurant & Bar Tech Live wanted to show appreciation and celebrate companies that are pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation and driving change in this demanding industry. That's why they created two prestigious awards, the Restaurant & Bar Innovation Award and Tech Product of the Year.

And this year's winners were…

Sunday- Restaurant & Bar Innovation Award “The fastest way to pay in restaurants, built by restaurateurs for restaurateurs. connect your front and back of house operations to deliver the fastest payment method”

It's Lolly Ltd- Tech Product of the Year “Lolly’s expertise allows merchants to focus on their business and their customers whilst we keep providing them with the latest trend sales techniques and brand engagement in their sector, so they can quickly and easily understand and embrace new consumer habits”

Now, just because 2022 was such a great year for the Restaurant & Bar Tech Live, that doesn't mean that it’s going to rest for a year and coast on this year’s unbelievable experience. TheRestaurant & Bar Tech Live Team are already working hard to make sure that 2023’s show is going to be even better! Bigger, busier and even more mind-blowing than ever before.

The show is coming back to you at the ExCeL London on the 10th and 11th October 2023!! What are you waiting for? Book your hotel in advance, and register to attend here.

See you next year!!

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