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The integrated solutions offered by Rigid Packaging Technologies will be the focus of attention at the international trade show in Mexico City. The emphasis is on smart manufacturing solutions with advanced controls to improve machine availability, quality and output. Alongside, the development of new integrated cap-preform standards oriented towards sustainable packaging.

A superior technology, advanced digital controls, sustainability and cost control distinguish the SACMI offer. This is the only company in the world capable of developing a complete, 360° solution for both the bottling and the converter industries. SACMI will showcase this at Expo Pack Mexico (Mexico City, 14-17 June 2022), the international exhibition dedicated to packaging technologies for the beverage and food industry.

Continuous compression moulding (CCM) 4.0

As a world technological leader in the supply of machines for the production of one-piece caps, SACMI has been able to accompany the evolution of this field towards smart manufacturing 4.0.

Through the digitisation of the cap lines, the company offers a three-stage process. This provides a chance for the customer to utilise state-of-the-art technology while also being able to be guided step by step along the way in order to achieve the best possible results on the basis of specific requirements and production needs.

SmartPack is the new digital package that integrates advanced sensor technology and on-board checks on its cap presses. All this has a specific objective: to increase the availability of the system and the service life of its components, while simplifying the job of the operator.

The system makes it easy for the operator to change material and format. It automatically checks for correct dose position. It recognises a possible wrong resin. In essence, it reduces the possibility of error, which could damage the machine, result in long downtimes, as well as waste time and resources in general.

IPS 300, towards "total quality control"

The new SACMI IPS 300 is a press designed for the production of PET preforms. This complements and completes the IPS (injection perform system) range that stands out for its performance, consumption, ease of operation and maintenance.

In addition to its broad compatibility with existing moulds, the IPS 300 is able to process recycled resins (rPET in granules and flakes) and offers the option of integrating the PVS (preform vision system) directly into the press for 100% quality control of production.

Ambitious and forward-looking, the IPS project has evolved over time, both in terms of the range of products offered by IPS - IPS 220 up to 72 cavities, IPS 400 up to 128 cavities - and in terms of the technological equipment, designed to innovate the process and facilitate the customer's investment. SACMI has proven its ability to serve as a single point of contact throughout the production process with the development of IPS 300.

New standards, integrated cap-preform design

Thanks to its transversal skills, SACMI Laboratory is able to assist customers in the development, design, and testing of new products. A significant new launch is the range of new 26 mm caps for water and CSD, designed to be lightweight while maintaining the same performance. These have been already incorporated into a dedicated solution for the new tethered standard that will satisfy all market needs.

Therefore, SACMI is anticipating and guiding the evolution of the packaging industry in terms of both regulations and social awareness, for the development of a sustainable packaging supply chain under the banner of 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

SACMI Global network & Services

With a network of 80 production and service centres in 27 countries, SACMI's offer is distinguished by excellence and widespread availability. Among them is SACMI de Mexico, a reference point in the country, which has over 60 highly specialised resources for technical, commercial, and spare parts assistance in connection with caps and preforms lines.

Continuous improvement in customer care has also led to the development of innovative digital packages (such as the new “Smart Care” on cap lines) offered in synergy with the parent company. In addition to on-site assistance services, SACMI customers can choose exclusive connectivity packages in order to connect their machines to SACMI servers and receive valuable information regarding the health and performance of their systems.

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