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Sodexo and Sensori announce new FM alliance

As organisations redesign their workplaces for the future, leading workplace services provider Sodexo Ireland has announced a new strategic alliance with Sensori Facilities Management, as it continues to build its Vital Spaces proposition.

Sodexo’s Vital Spaces is the company’s approach to serving adults at work, wherever they work and brings together a full suite of workplace and employee-focused services including workplace consultancy, workplace design, workplace management, worklife services and workplace technology and analytics.

Sodexo’s expertise in workplace transformation combined with Sensori FM’s expertise in digital intelligent building solutions will appeal to companies seeking that single point of contact in the design and creation of more flexible, higher performing and sustainable workplaces.

Clients can reap the benefits of real time data analytics, remote monitoring of assets, predictive maintenance, workspace and seating usage analytics, as well as air quality, occupancy and health and safety analytics, to better manage its workspace experiences.

Sustainability and the decarbonisation of buildings are now key objectives for all businesses as research by the IFMA (International Facility Management Association) found that 73% of business leaders say that existing and potential employees are scrutinizing their sustainability policies and demanding more climate-positive action.

As expert service providers, Sodexo and Sensori FM will collaborate with clients on the creation of strategies to enhance sustainability roadmaps and help reduce their carbon footprint, energy and water. This can include detailed energy audits, costings and design solutions, to ensure buildings and assets perform at their optimum level of efficiency with visibility of real time digital interface reports.

David Fox, managing director, Sodexo Ireland, said:

Mark Cullen, managing director, Sensori Facilities Management, added:



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