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Solutions for every performance class: new SEALPAC PRO and optimized RE-series thermoformer

SEALPAC’s wide product range allows food manufacturers to choose between innovative thermoformers for various outputs. Whether it concerns the brand new, modular and extremely compact PRO thermoformer, or the established RE series for high-performance applications, both product lines support manufacturers in the efficient production of safe and attractive packaging made from modern materials with increased sustainability and resource conservation.

The innovative quick exchange system from the side, a standard on the new PRO thermoformer, gives its operators maximum flexibility in production by allowing for faster product changes.

SEALPAC PRO thermoformer

Smallest footprint in its class, but with numerous innovative features as a standard.

PRO thermoformer: smallest footprint, highest flexibility

The new PRO thermoformer not only offers the smallest footprint in its class, but also comes with numerous innovative features as a standard. The modular design of these machines is especially convincing and allows them to be tailored to the individual needs of the end user. The basic PRO machine is suitable to run flexible and rigid film, both for vacuum packaging and sealing-only applications. Depending on the customer’s wishes, various modules can be added to run other packaging solutions, such as for MAP or skin applications. With their particularly compact design, they require minimum space in the production area. And by using safety shutters instead of voluminous covers, each PRO thermoformer has an extremely large loading area, which is accessible from both sides.

Fast and easy product changes

SEALPAC’s quick exchange system from the side allows for format changes with minimum downtime, for example when switching to portion-packs.

The innovative PRO thermoformers reliably process all common materials, including the new, recyclable rigid and flexible films made from mono-PP, as well as innovations such as paper-based film. As they are standard equipped with SEALPAC’s unique Rapid Air Forming system, they achieve an improved consistency, notably in the corners of the pack, whilst using shorter vacuum and ventilation times. This results in higher outputs, as well as the possibility to use up to 10% thinner materials. As such, each thermoformer stands for first-class properties in packaging design and user-friendly opening behaviour.

Switching from one packaging format to another is made easy with a variety of exchange systems, such as the side exchange for the bottom tool in the forming and sealing station. These are now standard on the PRO thermoformer. Next to the mandatory safety regulations (e.g. CE), each of our PRO thermoformers is additionally tested and certified according to the strict German GS quality mark. This guarantees maximum safety for your operators.

Multiple packaging solutions on the same base machine

SEALPAC thermoformers can easily handle flexible film vacuum, skin, shrink and MAP applications, up to modern solutions based on recyclable mono-materials or films with a high fibre content.

RE thermoformer: new touch-screen monitor

SEALPAC’s RE-series thermoformers are now supplied with a revised display that simplifies user operation even further and provides a fresh new look. These machines are designed for high-performance applications that require optimal forming properties and an efficient use of materials and energy. In addition, the versatile all-in-one RE series offers maximum flexibility: multiple packaging solutions can be handled on the same base machine. From flexible film vacuum, skin, shrink and MAP applications, up to modern solutions based on recyclable mono-materials or films with a high fibre content. For this purpose, the RE-series can be optionally equipped with the innovative quick exchange system from the side, to make format changes particularly easy and to reduce downtime. Also here, SEALPAC’s unmatched Rapid Air Forming system provides optimal use of consumables by producing stable and first-class formed packaging from thinner films.

SEALPAC at IFFA 2022 in Frankfurt: hall 11.0, stand D11.


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