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SternLife expands its Nutricosmetics range for improved sleep and wellbeing

Courtesy of SternLife

New powder concepts for private labels drinks with added health benefits

Norderstedt/Germany, December 2022: SternLife, one of Germany's leading suppliers of private label solutions for functional foods, is expanding its Nutricosmetics portfolio with two concepts for the mental health megatrend: "Mood" and "Sleep" are water-soluble drink powders in Spicy Vanilla Chai and Cherry flavors. Thanks to this dosage form, the innovative active ingredient complexes are better absorbed by the body. They promote resilience against everyday stresses and strains, and are characterized by proven formulations with high-quality, selected ingredients. The composition of both products can also be customized, giving companies the opportunity to tailor trendy finished products to their chosen target groups. In addition, health claims can be used on-pack.

Unhealthy eating habits, hectic lifestyles and excessive workloads are very much part of everyday life for many people. These can result in difficulty sleeping – a problem that is thought to affect 10-40 per cent of adults at some point in their lives. Insufficient regeneration leads to reduced stress resilience, impaired performance and metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus, and can affect mood, mental wellbeing and quality of life. So it’s perhaps not surprising that dietary supplement products for improved sleep quality and reduced nervous stress have been the fastest growing category for several years in a row.

"Sleep" supports the natural sleep cycle and comprises calming natural extracts such as lavender, ashwagandha and pumpkin seed. Studies have proven that pumpkin seed extract has a muscle-relaxing effect and leads to less frequent urination. It also contains amino acids, vitamins and magnesium, which has been shown to reduce cortisol and thus improve slow wave sleep.

"Mood" is based on an anti-stress complex of various nutrients and natural extracts that can help reduce the body's stress molecules cortisol and homocysteine, thereby easing nervous stress. It also contains calcium, biotin, magnesium, panthothenic acid and riboflavin which support normal energy metabolism function. Calcium also aids the normal function of digestive enzymes.

"Mood" and "Sleep" complement Sternlife's Nutricosmetics line, which so far includes the powder supplements "Detox Booster" for self-cleansing, "Skin-Care" for a fresh complexion and "Hair-Care" for healthy hair. The water-soluble applications are easy to store and prepare, and because the active and vital substances are contained in a beverage, they are more quickly absorbed.

Marc van Essen, Sales Manager at SternLife, says: "Our scientifically based Nutricosmetics concepts covering all aspects of beauty, lifestyle and health are ideal for companies looking to expand or build their product portfolio. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, which guarantees high and consistent quality, and also provide additional advice on individual customization options and marketing strategies."

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