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Tekni-Plex Healthcare to Host Virtual Technology Day on Mytaverse Platform

Wayne, PA, February 22, 2022 —Tekni-Plex Healthcare, which utilizes advanced materials science expertise to help deliver better patient outcomes, has launched an immersive, next-level cyber experience to showcase its broad capabilities and product portfolios.

To officially kick off its Mytaverse environment, the Tekni-Plex division will host a full day of materials science presentations. The Virtual Technology Day occurs March 8 from 11 a.m.–4:15 p.m. EST for the US, and March 10 from 11 a.m.–4:15 p.m. CET for Europe. Those wishing to attend can register here.

Those participating in the event will be far more than spectators. Rather, attendees will have their own avatars, free to discover the cyber-environment and interact with others in an immersive, interactive experience. The setup is ideal to explore the wide array of materials science capabilities Tekni-Plex Healthcare brings to the medical, drug delivery, and diagnostics markets.

The result is a level of networking difficult to replicate in traditional online forums, as well as more impactful knowledge-sharing opportunities. The event’s scheduled presentations include:

11 a.m.–11:45 a.m.: Compound Basics: Advances in Materials Science for the Medical Device Industry

  • Hear about the latest trends impacting medical device innovation

  • Learn how materials science is evolving through the latest healthcare technologies

11:45 a.m.–12:30 p.m.: Breathable Packaging: Microbial Barrier

  • Learn about breathable packaging material, and understand how microbes migrate

  • Gain basic knowledge of the barriers to migration, and discover which test methods determine if barrier targets are being met

12:30 p.m.–1:15 p.m.: Paratubing Solutions

  • Discover how new advancements in medical tubing improve designs and help keep patients safer

  • Discuss paratubing constructions that reduce the risk of a tube being connected to the wrong port

  • Review common design pitfalls that threaten manufacturing consistency – and how to avoid them

1:15 p.m.–2:00 p.m.: Diagnostics: Solutions for Fast Detection

  • Learn how Tekni-Plex has used different solutions to help bring multiple novel diagnostic assays, such as PCR and ELISA, to market

  • Understand how Tekni-Plex employed world-class materials science principles to solve key industry problems, and supplied point-of-care test innovators with a faster route to market

2:00 p.m.–2:45 p.m.: Top Considerations for Barrier Medical Packaging

  • Explore barrier requirements for packaging, and review common barrier materials

  • Learn how to choose the right materials for various packaging formats

2:45 p.m.–3:30 p.m.: Tubing for Critical Fluid Handling Applications

  • Review how recent tubing materials advancements improve critical fluid transfer applications

  • Learn about unique tubing solutions for peristaltic pump applications offering improvements over silicone

  • Discover complete fluid transfer options for drugs suspended in DMSO

3:30 p.m.–4:15 p.m.: Managing Supply Chain Risk

  • Learn how the pandemic and climate events are creating havoc in supply chains

  • Examine the various forces at play and outline scenarios that can reduce supply chain risk

About Tekni-Plex Healthcare

Tekni-Plex Healthcare utilizes advanced materials science expertise and technologies to develop and deliver critical solutions for medical and diagnostic devices, drug delivery systems and healthcare packaging applications. With a global reach, the division’s deep understanding of the greater pharmaceuticals and medical landscape helps it produce exemplary barrier properties for drugs and precision medical devices for interventional and therapeutic procedures. Tekni-Plex Healthcare’s ever-evolving portfolio helps meet demands for high-leverage medicines and mission-critical healthcare products that benefit care providers and patients.

About Tekni-Plex

Tekni-Plex is a globally integrated company that provides innovative solutions through material science and manufacturing technologies. A global leader in the Healthcare and Consumer Product markets, Tekni-Plex provides medical device components and a multitude of material science solutions that lead to a healthier and more sustainable world. Its solutions are found in some of the most well-known names in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Household and Food & Beverage markets. Headquartered in Wayne, Pa., Tekni-Plex employs 7,000 people throughout its operations in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Northern Ireland and the United States. For more information visit


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