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The future of medicine is being created here. Join the Warsaw Medical Expo

The modern equipment, machines that help in even more effective treatment of patients, equipment that improves the comfort of recovery, as well as education, business meetings and lectures by the most important national experts – all this will be available at the Warsaw Medical Expo. The event will take place at Ptak Warsaw Expo on May 23-25, 2023.

Warsaw Medical Expo is an event that has never been seen in Poland before. It is a comprehensive, international medical fair, dedicated to innovations, development, trends and changes that both improve the work of clinics and hospitals and positively affect the patient’s treatment process. It is a meeting of leaders looking for new solutions and wanting to use global achievements to bring the national health market to a higher level.

Creators of innovation will be at the Warsaw Medical Expo

Warsaw Medical Expo is a combination of business fairs and industry conferences. Visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with hundreds of offers from leading Polish and European manufacturers, distributors and service providers operating in the medical sector. The industry scope has been divided into six sections: hospitals, private practices/clinics, services, communication and information, laboratory, rehabilitation/physiotherapy and disposable materials and small equipment.

Among the companies present at the event will be suppliers of software, hardware and systems for data processing, advisory and consulting services, medical translations, as well as imaging and surgical devices, implants and prostheses, equipment for intensive care and equipment for operating rooms. The exhibition area will also host companies offering refrigeration and heating equipment, cleaning and sterilization services, as well as rehabilitation and physiotherapy equipment.

The future of medicine is being created during the Warsaw Medical Expo

In addition, visitors will be able to participate in training, workshops and lectures conducted by the greatest experts in Poland. During their speeches, you will be able to find out how treatment is done abroad, what innovations have been introduced to the international market and what are the trends in the treatment of patients. All this so that visitors leave the Warsaw Medical Expo both with a complete set of information about the best offers, as well as with an update of subject knowledge.

We encourage you to register!


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