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The Global Mangosteen Extract Market Is Expected To Reach A Substantial Increase By The End Of 2027

The global Mangosteen Extract market is expected to reach a substantial increase by the end of 2027. There is a great demand for exotic fruits by consumers globally and the natural ingredient market is also showing healthy growth hence, the mangosteen market which is fragment of this is expected to flourish in coming years.

Mangosteen is one of the most sought after, rare fruits in the world. It also known as the Queen of Fruits, is a purple color tropical fruit with a white fleshy pulp. It is cultivated in several Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. The fruit is a rice source of antioxidants, boosts immunity, regulates blood pressure, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Unique Antioxidant Profile

Mangosteen extract has two classes of Xanthones: α-mangosteen and γ-mangosteen. It works to reduce oxidative stress caused by free radicals. By damaging the free radicals, these antioxidants protect the body from various diseases, ranging from common cold and flu, digestive, heart, and brain function risk.

Boosts Immune System

Mangosteen extract work wonders for an enhanced and improved immunity system. While Xanthones do their bit in fighting the free radicals, Vitamin C promotes the production and function of leukocytes or the white blood cells, which are majorly responsible for good immunity.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The xanthones found in mangosteen may play a role in reducing inflammation. Inflammation can cause cold, flu, and increase pain.

Promote Weight Loss

Mangosteen extract can also aid your weight loss trail. In the health and wellness industry, one of mangosteen’s biggest claims to fame is its potential to aid weight loss. It is rather low in calories, 63 calories per 100 gram, has zero saturated fat, and is free of cholesterol.

Boosts Skin Care

Mangosteen's high antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and the star component Xanthone can bring down the risk of many skin diseases to a great extent by repairing the damaged cells.


· Nutraceuticals

· Pharmaceuticals

· Food & Beverage

· Cosmetic Industry

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Source: Naturalin


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