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Two-minute tests, gentle blood collection, and rapid diagnostic testing for pets on show at Medlab

Two-minute tests, gentle blood collection, and rapid diagnostic testing for pets on show at Medlab Middle East
  • Medlab Middle East showcases a range of cutting-edge technology, including the fastest Strep A testing, which reveals positive tests in just two minutes, advances in blood collection negating the risk of needlestick injuries and 10-minute antigen and antibody test for pets

  • Over 700 exhibitors from 40 countries in attendance

  • The event, now in its 22nd year, will take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre takes place until 9 February

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 7 February 2023: Medlab Middle East, the MENA region’s largest medical laboratory exhibition and congress, which is now in its second day, is showcasing the latest innovation in the laboratory industry with ground-breaking point-of-care testing technology, which dramatically increases the speed of testing, significantly improving patient care.

New technology developed to identify positive Strep A results in as little as two minutes and negative results in six minutes has been revealed by Abbott. The ID NOW Strep A 2 test provides molecular results in 6 minutes or less on the unique ID NOW platform allowing healthcare professionals to test and, with a positive result, treat during the patient’s visit.

The technology is faster than other molecular methods and more accurate than conventional rapid tests, delivering results within an actionable time frame and allowing real-time clinical decisions to impact patient care positively.

Tom Coleman, Exhibition Director for Informa Markets, said: “The wealth of new technology on the exhibition floor underscores the importance of Medlab Middle East by providing professionals from the industry with the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations enhancing the laboratory industry globally whilst driving patient care to the next level.

“The exhibition has everything from smartphone biomarking testing to increased blood collection comfort and even rapid diagnostic tests for pets.”

Elsewhere on the show floor, Swiss company 1drop is showcasing an in-vitro diagnostic medical device that utilises the camera/flash function on a smartphone to measure different biomarkers of the body. With single membrane technology, plasma separation and enzyme reactions occur simultaneously, so one drop of blood provides an insight into a user’s health. The device is paired with a smartphone app, allowing users to constantly check their results and explore measurements of newly added biomarkers.

Continuing the innovation theme, Greiner Bio-One has revealed the latest technology in blood collection. The winged needle, specifically developed for one-handed use, utilises a semi-automatic click mechanism that protects users from the risk of needlestick injuries and makes the daily task of blood collection easier, while the ultra-sharp needle tip ensures patient comfort.

Addressing the US$802 million Veterinary Rapid Diagnostic Tests Market, Z Biotech Inc is showcasing a range of cat and dog tests which can identify everything from Coronavirus to Leukemia within 10 minutes. Dovetailing with this is Meril Veterinary, which is showcasing its latest diagnostic analysers for animals covering both biochemistry and haematology.

Medlab Middle East, which takes place at the Dubai World Trade Centre, continues until 5 pm Thursday, 9 February.

For more information, please visit or register through the link here.


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