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UPM Raflatac debuts as JD’s partner in “Green Stream Initiative” during ECPAKLOG expo

UPM Raflatac presented at E-Commerce Packaging and Supply Chain Expo (ECPAKLOG) during Mar 8-10 in Nanjing, China, with its comprehensive labeling solutions in the logistics industry. Moreover, UPM Raflatac joined membership with JD’s “Green Stream Initiative” to contribute to sustainable packaging and consumption.

Booming E-commerce brings convenience to life. At the same time, it adds packaging and waste burden on resources and the environment. Under the context, ECPAKLOG offers a platform for partners in the industry to discuss and collaborate for sustainable development, including brand owners, packers, warehouse, and logistics suppliers, as well as e-commerce leaders like JD.

UPM Raflatac showcased its comprehensive solutions, including RAFNXT+ for lower carbon footprint, OptiCut™ linerless for higher efficiency and reduced material consumption, and label solutions for extreme reliability and performance in low-temperature environments, as well as semi-removable features to ease secondary packaging in warehousing and transportation. “We are dedicated to continuously developing innovative labeling solutions to address customer needs in logistics industry and together build a future beyond fossils,” says Juan-Manuel Lopez Ruiz, Paper Laminates Director at UPM Raflatac, APAC.

Moreover, UPM Raflatac joined membership with JD’s “Green Stream Initiative”, seeking collaboration along the supply chain and contributing to sustainable packaging and consumption. “While we continue to reduce our carbon footprint, we are also taking immediate action with the emissions. Now we offer the opportunity for customers to choose also CarbonNeutral® certified RAFNXT+ labels. This is one of our initiatives to respond to customer needs in e-commerce and supply chain packaging, combining high efficiencies and low carbon impact. We look forward to working together for a sustainable future!” says Sally Dai, Paper Laminates Manager at UPM Raflatac, NOA.

“Green Stream Initiative” is established by JD to partner along the e-commerce supply chain to explore a collaborative approach to seek sustainable development in the e-commerce industry but not at the cost of the environment. The program started in 2017 and now has many members in brands, packers, 3rd parties in carbon asset management.

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