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Wheat-based binder optimises kebab production

Halal-certified Lory® Bind range from Loryma ensures process-stable and authentically firm meat

Zwingenberg/Germany, January 2023 – Ingredients specialist Loryma has developed halal-certified, wheat-based binding ingredients which give sliced and minced meat rotisserie skewers the desired cut strength and stability. The special binders consisting mainly of wheat starch and wheat protein minimise weight loss due to excellent freeze-thaw stability, thus promising a high-performance

alternative to soy-based binding systems.

The wheat starch gives the binders a high water-binding capacity, and the wheat protein – also known as gluten – optimises and stabilises the texture. In addition, the binding components are sensory neutral, so they don’t affect the typical meat flavour. Lory® Bind is added during the production process in the usual way.

Norbert Klein, Head of R&D at Loryma, comments: “Wheat is at least as suitable as soy in this context due to its functional properties. It’s also easily available thanks to our European farming areas and, despite a general increase in costs in the recent months, it’s still cost-efficient.”

About Loryma:

Loryma, member of the Crespel & Deiters group, is a producer of globally distributed wheat proteins, native and modified wheat starches, extrudates and functional blends with an expertise of more than 40 years. The company is located in Zwingenberg (Germany), where experts develop future-proof solutions that simultaneously meet the needs of the food industry as well as the rising requirement for healthy nutrition in a growing world population. The responsibly and regionally sourced ingredients optimise stability, texture and flavour of meat and fish, vegetarian and vegan applications, baked goods, convenience products and confectionery. High quality raw materials combined with in-depth knowledge in processing make Loryma a reliable partner for service, product development and supply of tailor-made solutions fitting today’s demands.

For further information, please visit: or LinkedIn.


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