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World Packaging Organisation (WPO) launches the Japanese version of the Global Packaging Design for Recycling Guide

The Japanese version of the Global Packaging Design for Recycling Guide was officially launched at the second WPO Board Meeting, in Cape Town, South Africa, with the participation of WPO Presidents, Pierre Pienaar (outgoing) and Luciana Pellegrino (incoming, WPO VP Sustainability & Save Food, Nerida Kelton, and the representative of JPI (Japan Packaging Institute), Hiroko Akieda.

The ‘Global Packaging Design for Recycling Guide’, a development of the WPO, has recently been translated into Japanese, and is now available through the WPO website. This is the 11th translation besides the versions in English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Thai, Latvian, Czech, Hungarian and Georgian.

Developed by the WPO, Circular Analytics, FH Campus University of Applied Sciences and ECR Community, the Global Packaging Design for Recycling Guide is a starting point to understand best practice examples, using state-of-the-art technology that can be applied and tailored to suit the recovery and recyclability capabilities and infrastructure on a regional and local level.

“The ‘Packaging Design for Recycling Guide’ is a very important tool for the global packaging community to ensure that our industry is taking steady steps, based on scientific foundations, to achieve a circular economy model. It contributes to address the challenges that face the world in terms of climate change, environment and preservation of natural resources”, said Luciana Pellegrino, WPO President.

Luciana added that “The WPO recommends that the industry to explore and use the Global Packaging Design for Recycling Guide as a way of driving efforts to have a common voice across the global packaging industry when discussing recycling and developing a circular economy for packaging.”

The Managing Director of the Japan Packaging Institute (JPI), Mr Yoichi Sonoyama added that JPI are extremely proud of the translation as a part of their own 60th anniversary celebrations.

“It is apt that JPI have finalised the Japanese translation in our 60th year, especially because the WPO was established in Japan in 1968. We also wanted to play our role in ensuring that our industry has access to the latest resources, training and guides. By delivering better packaging design to everyone, we will be able to provide better packaging around the world. This design guide will help to aid this objective.” Mr Sonoyama said.

According to the WPO Vice President Sustainability & Save Food, Nerida Kelton, “The work undertaken to translate the Global Packaging Recycling Guide should not be underestimated and a huge acknowledgement must go to Yasuhiko Ide, Toshio Arita and Mitsuhiro Sumimoto, from JPI, who were dedicated to complete the translation by the second WPO Board Meeting for 2023.’

“These translations are no small feat and require experts in technical packaging terminology to be able to accurately formulate the translation. The Japanese translation is now available to download and access for free via the World Packaging Organisation website and we are looking forward to launching even more guides in 2024. The goal is to ensure that every country in the world has access to the guide so that we can design our waste at the start and ensure that packaging is recycle ready”, says Mrs Kelton.


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