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Key Technology Begins Manufacturing VERYX® Digital Sorters in The Netherlands for Customers

Key Technology Begins Manufacturing VERYX® Digital Sorters in The Netherlands for Customers in the EMEA and Asia Regions

Key Technology, a member of the Duravant family of operating companies, announces VERYX® digital sorters are now being manufactured at their Beusichem facility in the Netherlands for food processors in the EMEA and Asia regions. Other Key equipment, such as vibratory conveyors and other process automation systems, were already being built in this facility.

“Over the past three years, we’ve been adjusting to some dramatic changes in supply and demand caused by the pandemic. After customers put many of their plans on hold, it seems they all revived their projects at the same time – demand for VERYX is currently through the roof,” said Antoine van Bree, President/Managing Director, Key Technology – EMEA and Asia. “By building VERYX sorters in the Netherlands, where we also build our Iso-Flo®, Impulse®, Marathon® and Zephyr™ vibratory shakers and other processing systems, we’re able to improve our customers’ experience with faster and more affordable delivery and increase our capability for integrated solutions between our vibratory shakers and optical sorters.”

Key’s team in Beusichem works in close collaboration with their peers in Hasselt, Belgium, who have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in optical sorting. Hasselt is home to Duravant’s Customer Experience Center, which showcases technologies from Key alongside Marlen, WECO and other Duravant companies. Additionally, deep technical expertise continues to reside in Hasselt with Research and Development, SupportPro, Applications, and Sales teams. Key’s North American headquarters in Walla Walla, Washington, USA also manufactures equipment and conducts research and development.

“Food processors in different parts of the world often face unique challenges and opportunities that vary from those in other areas. At Key, we’re focused on serving our customers regionally. We fine-tune our equipment and develop new applications to meet the specific processing needs of customers in Europe as well as those in Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere.” concluded van Bree. “Manufacturing VERYX in the Netherlands is just one piece of a much bigger picture. Our commitment to partnering with customers in the EMEA and Asia regions has brought us continued success with growing sales and expanding market shares.”


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