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Landco Pacific’s premium beachfront development enriches Calatagan history

CaSoBe has become a staple choice for upmarket weekenders, tourists, and city dwellers.

Nestled on the white sands of Calatagan, Batangas in the Philippines is the 15-hectare Calatagan South Beach (CaSoBe), one of Landco’s latest BeachTowns in Batangas along with 23-hectare Club Laiya in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.

Upscale real estate developer Landco Pacific Corporation, which is known for pioneering premium developments for more than 30 years – created CaSoBe as a world-class and master-planned leisure and tourist community with mix use spaces for luxury homes and commercial establishments, and an upcoming resort-inspired condominium. Investors have the option to build their dream beach house that can also double as a bed and breakfast or a place to launch a business.

“Having a property in these BeachTowns is something that homeowners and property investors can enjoy now as their dream beach house, second home, or an exciting new business venture. It’s also a legacy that can be passed onto the next generations, ensuring the well-being and financial security of many generations down the line,” Landco Pacific CEO Erickson Manzano said.

CaSoBe features a laidback resort lifestyle in an intimate setting with hospitality and leisure amenities complemented by the rich heritage of Calatagan. CaSoBe’s fully operational amenities are managed by Landco Pacific’s hospitality arm Millennial Resorts, providing the best service for those who are staying temporarily or permanently. These include cosy rooms at the Cocoons and the EDGE-certified Crusoe Cabins, the Captain Barbozza restaurant and bar, the events venue called the Canopy, and the Aquaria Water Park.

The verdant locale’s arresting beaches, tourist spots, and local fare are irresistible reasons for upmarket weekenders, tourists, digital nomads, and city dwellers to spend their vacation or opt for a work-from-the-beach set-up in CaSoBe. Amongst the popular nearby tourist spots are Calatagan’s Little Boracay known for its fine white sand; Starfish Island, which is a sanctuary for starfishes; and Cape Santiago, one of the oldest lighthouses in the Philippines. With Calatagan’s reputation as the “proverbial” playground for the old rich, there are nearby golf courses and polo facilities for an elevated leisure experience.

CaSoBe ultimately encapsulates what Calatagan has always been even before the coming of all these developments: a place of unrivalled leisure and luxury that is accessible to all those who seek it. Further augmented by Landco Pacific’s innovative vision, this destination promotes a contemporary lifestyle without losing a sense of balance and connection with nature.

Landco Pacific has earned numerous awards for its integrated and sustainable development of its Beach Towns. Most recently, CaSoBe is named the Resort Estate Project of the Year in the Philippines by the Real Estate Asia Awards. The prestigious award-giving body honours the most innovative real estate developments and lauds industry players in Asia Pacific that stand out in the market.


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