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Latest updates in stem cells transplantation technologies, applications, and research advancements

Following the massive success of the first edition and building on the productive discussions and scientific presentations of the stem cell science and research experts, the 2nd Annual MENA Stem Cells Forum will be held on 17 – 18 March 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Forum will provide an annual meeting point for the MENA stem cell science community and international experts to meet and share their experience and knowledge on the latest advancements and challenges faced in their daily practice and identify the best practices and solutions to overcome them.

The next edition will focus on stem cell transplantation technologies and applications and the latest research advancements in the field. It will also highlight the role of the government and healthcare providers in improving regulations and increasing public awareness of the stem cell science.

Join us in the 2nd Annual MENA Stem Cells Forum to hear directly from key industry leaders, senior government officials, researchers, physicians, and experts and discuss with your regional and international peers the future of stem cell science and shape its development.

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