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Mindray Unveils the Premium Ultrasound System Resona R9 Platinum Edition for General Imaging

Mindray Unveils the Premium Ultrasound System Resona R9 Platinum Edition for General Imaging at ECR2023

Mindray, one of the world's leading developers and providers of advanced medical devices and solutions announces that Resona R9 Platinum Edition, its premium-level cart-based ultrasound system for general imaging, has been officially released at ECR 2023. Upgraded for both clinical routine and research purposes, the new edition features superb image quality, comprehensive multi-parametric imaging tools, and enhanced ergonomics.

Meeting rigorous demands of diverse clinical applications is the driving force behind the introduction of Resona R9 Platinum Edition. We are proud to offer the innovative multi-parametric ultrasound that provides more information of the examined structures, supporting clinicians to obtain accurate and effective measurements.

Xujin He

General Manager of the Medical Imaging System Business Unit at Mindray

Resona R9 Platinum Edition achieved a breakthrough in superficial imaging by extending its linear transducer portfolio with L15-3WU. The new transducer, by providing exceptional ultrasound image quality and detailed resolution, helps clinicians to improve precision diagnostics. In addition, the Ultra-Micro Angiography (UMA) feature makes up for the limitations of traditional flow modes in detecting slow flow, especially in small vessels. With UMA, clinicians can visualize the supply vessels surrounding the tumor, further enhancing diagnostic capabilities for lesion detection and characterization. The new edition adds a series of multi-parametric imaging tools to enhance diagnostic confidence across a wide range of patients. Based on different acoustic technologies, the multi-parametric Fatty Liver Lab including UltraSound ATtenuation (USAT) Analysis, HepatoRenal Index+(HRI+), and Liver Texture Index (LTI) enables quantitative analysis of steatosis and improves the sensitivity of fatty liver detection in early stage. M-reference C&E brings the contrast and shear wave elastography in one plane, which facilitates the assessment of the boundary of lesion and range of infiltration, showing great potential for breast cancer diagnosis and research. Designed with end users in mind, Resona R9 Platinum Edition comes with a new 23.8-inch-high-definition monitor to provide an expansive view for ultrasound diagnostic with ease. Together with a 13.3" HD gesture control touch screen, lifting arms and a six-direction floating panel, it brings an agile, smart, and intuitive user experience for clinicians in everyday practice.

“Resona R9 Platinum represents a major step forward to a more accurate diagnosis at the micron level,” added He. As a pioneering provider of healthcare solutions, Mindray will continue to invest in R&D and provide high-quality ultrasound solutions to empower medical professionals and improve patient outcomes.

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