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Reliable availability and a strong appearance

• With a total of four new universal self-adhesive materials for labels, HERMA ensures more choice and reliable supply.

• The particular focus: Three PP or PE films on which the multi-layer adhesive 62Xpc ensures the best processing and adhesive properties.

• A new paper material delivers very good print quality in a wide range of printing processes; its adhesive makes it ideal for high-speed dispensing systems.

Availability is the trump card in times of uncertain supply chains. With this in mind, HERMA has also further expanded its standard range of self-adhesive materials for labels. "This enables us to of-fer comparable self-adhesive materials based on different com-ponents," explains HERMA Product Manager Hendrik Kehl. "This is a further step toward further optimising the supply reliability of label materials that are consistently in high demand." A special focus is being placed on film products. A new addition is, for example, a universal PP film with the designation HERMA PP white tc (grade 882). This enables the production of optically demanding, glossy and opaque labels, which are preferably used on PP surfaces for recycling reasons. The nacreous look of the film adds an exquisite touch to the labels. HERMA PE white tc (grade 852) has been newly introduced for cases in which a PE film with simi-lar properties is also to be used for recycling reasons. This quality is also available in a transparent version as HERMA PE transparent tc (grade 862). The adhesive 62Xpc, which has been specially developed for film labels, is used for all three new film self-adhesive materials. The use of the multi-layer technology and ideally matched layers achieves very good further processing properties with well above average adhesive properties. Once applied the adhesive is insensitive against humidity, soaps and oil and therefore suits specially well for product labelling in the hygiene and cosmetic industry. It features good resistance to light, heat and aging. Also particularly important for the transparent film variant: A good wettability combined with a high transparency of the adhesive layer give a visually appealing result. Due to the new technical possibilities of the new self-adhesive material plant, HERMA now applies the topcoat for the PE films itself. "This also contributes to greater flexibility from which our customers benefit," explains Hendrik Kehl. The two PE films are available particularly quickly in the net width range, each with 2,000 metres per roll.

Excellent tack properties and a low migration tendency

HERMAcoat (grade 243) has been added to the paper products sector. This is a white label paper with semi-gloss coated surface. The paper is suitable for high-quality labels with multi-colour printing because it ensures very good print quality in all conventional printing processes. But it is also ideal for thermal transfer and laser printing. In addition, HERMAcoat (243) can generally be printed with digital printing processes such as HP Indigo, Xeikon and UV Inkjet; but pre-testing is recommended. HERMAcoat is equipped with the multi-layer adhesive 62Dps. This shows very good adhesion especially on packaging films, even at low temperatures. Due to the excellent tack properties, 62Dps is particularly suitable for high-speed dispensing systems. The adhesive 62Dps shows an extremely low migration tendency due to its multi-layer structure and is suitable for direct food contact, with limitation also on fatty foods (correction factor 3). This self-adhesive material for paper labels is available at short notice in the net width range with both 2,000 metres and 4,000 metres per roll.



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