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SEALPAC Amax traysealer: maximum innovation, maximum performance, maximum flexibility

With our new generation, we perfect what we have successfully developed over the past three decades: the new Amax-series traysealers from packaging specialist SEALPAC are truly ground-breaking by achieving previously unattainable results in terms of productivity and efficiency, but also by being optimally tailored to the requirements of Industry 4.0.

The innovative Amax traysealer

Maximum innovation, maximum performance and maximum flexibility.

Small footprint, high output and resource-saving use of materials The design of the new SEALPAC Amax-series is based on a combination of performance and cost-effectiveness. These state-of-the-art traysealers, similar to the previous A-series models, are particularly space-saving. The Amax traysealer, which is constructed to be low-wear and low-maintenance, is able to achieve up to 50% higher outputs. It is driven by reliable servo motors, which ensure smoothest production runs. Fast and user-friendly operation of the Amax traysealers is guaranteed by their navCom interface, which provides intuitive control and self-explanatory menu guidance through all functions of the display. As such, operating errors are minimized.

Capable of handling of all modern packaging solutions

SEALPAC Amax traysealers reliably process a wide variety of materials, including ultra-light trays that stand for more resource conservation.

The new series meets the highest hygiene and safety standards. Depending on the performance class (A4max to A10max), the Amax traysealer will seal up to 196 trays per minute under MAP. Each machine demonstrates maximum flexibility by reliably processing a wide variety of consumables. Next to ultra-light trays, the Amax-series is able to handle especially innovative packaging solutions that stand for more resource conservation, such as mono-material top films or hybrid concepts with a high fibre content (e.g. eTray® or FlatMap®).

Sustainable machine concept: suitable for existing tools

In times of rising energy and raw material prices, the Amax-series sets new standards with its highly efficient operation. The integrated EnergyManager adjusts the line speed to the actual tray feed, to keep energy consumption as low as necessary. By using servo technology, the air consumption of the Amax traysealers can be reduced by up to 90%. However, SEALPAC not only stands for more sustainability in terms of energy use, but also allows the existing tools of the SEALPAC A-series to be used on the new Amax series traysealers. This saves production costs and space.

User-friendly operation with navCom interface

The touch-screen monitor of the Amax traysealers provides intuitive control and self-explanatory menu guidance through all functions of the display.

Smart features: for modern and economical packaging processes The high-tech Amax traysealers are tailored to the needs of Industry 4.0. and offer all the necessary prerequisites for comprehensive digitization of industrial production. Your operating data are available in real time and accessible from any location via internet connection. Furthermore, each model within the Amax-series is equipped with the innovative iMode control. It manages the speed of the entire process according to a simple principle: the number of packages to be sealed per minute, as specified by the operator. This determines the speed of all subsequent processes. The result is an increasingly optimal packaging process, which, if necessary, extends to the maximum physical limits set by the product and the packaging materials.

Predictive maintenance: live at IFFA 2022

In Frankfurt am Main, SEALPAC is demonstrating real-time monitoring of process and component data in full line solutions by teaming up with co-supplier Espera. Our A8max traysealer is connected with a Nova weigh-price labelling system, which is situated at Espera’s stand C31 in hall 11.1. The intelligent cloud solution, a must for Industry 4.0, is even able to determine the optimal maintenance time for the entire line, being the Amax traysealer and its up-stream and down-stream equipment.

SEALPAC at IFFA 2022 in Frankfurt: hall 11.0, stand D11.

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