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Study reveals pomegranate’s potential to slow progression of age-related frailty

Euromed extract reverses loss of motor coordination and prevents oxidative stress in ageing  mice, according to independent research study conducted at the University of Valencia  (Spain).  

Mollet del Vallès (Spain), February 2024: A recently published study shows that Euromed’s  pomegranate extract Pomanox® can promote healthy ageing in mice.1 The substance was  found to prevent frailty, improve motor skills and reduce oxidative stress in the  cerebellum, the part of the brain responsible for coordination. Falling and subsequent bone fractures are one of the major health risks in elderly people. Therefore, the researchers of this model study looked at how to overcome the problem by addressing  balance and stance, which are controlled by the cerebellum. 

The cerebellum is also responsible for coordination of voluntary movements, motor learning  and cognitive tasks. During the ageing process, most of these functions deteriorate, resulting in falls and accidents. In the study, Pomanox® was able to maintain antioxidant levels in  elderly mice after four months of supplementation. This effect was particularly evident in  the cerebellum. Moreover, the standardised pomegranate extract influenced gene  expression related to the apoptosis pathway, suggesting support for healthy ageing.  Although no changes in grip strength and endurance were found, the results showed that  pomegranate extract supplementation improved the motor skills in terms of coordination and neuromuscular function, and helped prevent age-related weight loss. Thus, the  researchers believe that Pomanox® may provide practical nutritional support for common health problems, such as frailty, in later life. 

Pomegranate’s health benefits come from punicalagins, which are among nature’s strongest  antioxidants. Pomanox® contains up to 30 per cent punicalagins and is a well-researched botanical ingredient from Euromed’s Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts range. It is  obtained via a quality-controlled, transparent and sustainable local supply chain, and gently  processed with an eco-friendly, proprietary technology. 

Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communication and Medical Affairs at Euromed, says: “Pomanox® is already well known to provide benefits for cardiovascular and metabolic  health, satiety, sports performance, mood, skin and cognitive health. The novelty of this  work focuses on the fact that the pomegranate extract could be used to help prevent  deterioration associated with normal ageing. The authors of this independently conducted  study have observed for the first time that the cerebellum is the area where ageing is first  noticed in a model without pathology. As Pomanox® acted efficiently here, it could be a  helpful tool to reduce the risk of falls so common in ageing, and other functional impairments.” 

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1 Verdú, D. et al. Pomegranate Extract Administration Reverses Loss of Motor Coordination and Prevents Oxidative Stress in  Cerebellum of Aging Mice. Antioxidants 2023, 12, 1991.


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