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That’s a wrap. Mondi and ATS-Tanner launch paper band for food bundles and multipacks

  • Mondi has partnered with Swiss converter ATS-Tanner to create new kraft paper bundle packaging

  • The innovative solution is strong enough to replace plastic on single or bundle packages and ideal for drink, fruit and vegetable and eCommerce end-uses

  • The band is recyclable in existing paper recycling streams

30 March 2023 - Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, has collaborated with Swiss converter ATS-Tanner to create an innovative paper band, which can hold individually labelled products or bundles reducing unnecessary plastic.

ATS-Tanner uses Mondi’s kraft paper Advantage MF SpringPack and converts it into a band by adding a functional barrier on both sides of the paper. The paper is then sealed using ultrasound, eradicating the need for any adhesive. This ensures that the products are secured with minimum packaging, reducing waste and delivering a cost-efficient solution. ATS-Tanner markets the coated bands under the brand name TruePaper.

Carsten Breiter, International Key Account Manager Speciality Kraft Paper, Mondi says: “By combining world-leading expertise in sustainable packaging with ATS-Tanner’s machinery and skills, we have together created a system that offers great product protection while reducing unnecessary plastic. This is the perfect example of strong collaboration producing a new solution that does just that.”

We trialled various paper grades and Mondi’s kraft paper offers the required strength to substitute plastic packaging with this paper band. TruePaper is a resource efficient solution that can – depending on the banding machine used – wrap products measuring up to 1300 x 500 mm and is convenient to store. Using paper instead of plastic is not the only advantage: an ultrasonic banding machine from ATS-Tanner consumes 98% less energy than it would take to pack a like-sized delivery using a shrink wrapping machine.
Serge Tanner, Owner & CEO, ATS-Tanner

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