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Women's Wellness: A Health Checklist

When it comes to maintaining their health, women could face more complexities than men. Not only do women have to take account of factors like childbirth and menopause, but many common health conditions affect women differently. For example, women with diabetes have a higher risk of heart disease and other complications compared to men with diabetes. As women's bodies change over time, their health care needs change too. Routine health screenings are important for every stage of life. Be in the know and take measures.

Women in their 20s-30s

Common health issues to look out for

Women in their 50s and beyond

Common health issues to look out for

It's important to note that these are just general guidelines, and individual healthcare needs may vary depending on a woman's medical history, family history, and other factors. It's recommended that you should discuss your health concerns and screening recommendations with your healthcare providers.



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