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First Milk and Ornua Foods UK agree to continue their partnership

First Milk and Ornua Foods UK today jointly announced that they have agreed the renewal of their contractual partnership, which will see First Milk continuing to supply British cheddar to Ornua Foods UK on a long-term basis.

Commenting on the announcement, Shelagh Hancock, Chief Executive, First Milk said:

“Ornua is an important and valued partner for First Milk, and we are very pleased to have agreed a new supply arrangement with them on a long-term basis, which will help us to provide security and stability for our dairy farmer members. We look forward to continuing to work together to deliver sustainable, high-quality cheese through British retailers.”

Bill Hunter, Managing Director, Ornua Foods UK, added:

“The current partnership has proved to be highly successful for Ornua Foods UK and First Milk and it was clearly in the best interests of both parties to agree this extension to it. We are delighted that the supply partnership has now been placed on a long-term rolling basis which will allow us to build upon the great work and understanding that Ornua Foods UK and First Milk have developed over the last eight years.”

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