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SPX FLOW's Pigging Technology Wins Sustainable Product Award for Slashing 87% Product Waste

The category features products "purpose-built" for a sustainable future

Charlotte, N.C., May 7, 2024 - SPX FLOW, a global leader in innovative solutions, is proud to announce today’s win at the 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards. The company received the “Sustainable Product Award,” for its groundbreaking APV Aseptic Rapid Recovery System (ARRS), an innovation revolutionizing sustainability in the dairy and food and beverage industry, while also protecting consumer health.

"We are honored to receive the Sustainable Product Award, which reflects our ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship,” said Pranav Shah, SPX FLOW Global Market Director, Dairy and Plant Based Beverages. “This award motivates us to continue innovating and creating products that make a positive impact on our planet."

The one-of-a-kind aseptic pigging technology recaptures product waste, slashes water usage and lessens cleaning-in-place (CIP) time, particularly for ambient products. It reduces product loss from 4% to 0.5% by collecting leftover dairy yield within the process piping with its projectile, an 87% advancement in product savings.

Keeping dairy products at ambient temperature while maintaining long shelf-life qualities requires special processing throughout and before packing, leaving no room for post-contamination which can harm consumers.

Watch the ARRS in action here:

"SPX FLOW's innovative Aseptic Rapid Recovery System exemplifies tangible sustainable impact by significantly reducing product waste, water usage, and cleaning time in the production of sensitive dairy and personal care products. The ability to use 60-70% less water during cleaning cycles compared to traditional methods was a key factor in awarding SPX FLOW a 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Award," commented Matt Harney, Founder of SEAL Awards

Why this is significant:

The ARRS was engineered as a cleaner, safer, and more productive solution than anything currently on the market.

It uses a patented rubber, tight-fitting projectile, that’s forced through processing lines to cleanly scrape and recover residual product.

This innovation breeds constructive and healthy competition helping to develop and market the best aseptic process solutions for all customers.

SPX FLOW is gearing up to release its latest sustainability report in the coming months.

To keep up with all-things sustainability at SPX FLOW, visit:


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