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Raise a Glass: This Season’s 6 Most Anticipated Cocktails from Hilton Asia Pacific

On behalf of Hilton, we are thrilled to share the 6 most anticipated cocktails from across Hilton Asia Pacific hotels. When it comes to pouring a drink, Hilton’s 2022 global trends report found tequila continues to dominate the spirit industry in the U.S. and many other parts of the world, while in Southeast Asia, gin is the drink of choice. Meanwhile, the sober curiosity movement is picking up speed around the world, with low-to-no ABV cocktails and Cocktail Zero menus rising in popularity.

Monday Negroni from Hilton Goa Resort

Snow White from Hilton Adelaide

Amingiri Bageechaa from Hilton Maldives

Xiamen Peakedness of Wuyi from Waldorf Astoria

Non Alcoholic Espresso Martini from DoubleTree Perth

Whether you’re looking to unwind at home or chill out in a dimmed bar, Hilton’s hotel bartenders and mixologists have created concoctions that will have you sipping pretty.

“A perfectly crafted cocktail can add an extra spark to a hotel or dining experience. As our guests’ preferences have evolved, we’ve continued to cater to their needs by refining our food and beverage offerings globally,” said Alexandra Jaritz, senior vice president of brand management APAC at Hilton.

“This underscores Hilton’s commitment to delivering best-in-class food and beverage programming. Whether you’re enjoying a drink at one of our bars or in the comfort of your home, we hope this helps you set the scene for a memorable evening.”

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